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Indonesia’s largest Esports company, Play3, acquires a strategic stake in Singapore-based Me3 to take over Web3 gaming.

Avarta Network is joining forces with Play3 in an exciting venture that will provide the gaming market and Web3 users with a set of solutions that can help users and Dapps manage access into Web3 in a simple and user-friendly manner. The investment by Play3 facilitates the launch of Me3, an innovative suite of solutions that aims to facilitate the growth of Web3 with technology that is familiar to Web 2.0 users and developers.

Wallets are the gateway to the decentralized web, including Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and GameFi, made popular by games like Axie Infinity. As cryptocurrency usage soars around the globe, Southeast Asia has emerged as a hub for cryptocurrency users. With the attraction of the DeFi and GameFi markets, the demand for self-custodial wallets has risen drastically, bringing a multitude of challenges around poor user experience, security, and privacy.

Me3 will focus on easing new users into the space by simplifying the GameFi experience while utilizing innovative solutions to ensure security. Creating an easy-to-use wallet gives users a Web3 gaming experience similar to Web 2.0. In addition, Me3 aims to work closely with regulators to build a custodial/non-custodial ecosystem focusing on providing user-centric solutions in a regulated manner.

Hartman Harris, co-founder of Play3 commented: “With the Me3 ecosystem, we are able to build on our base of Web 2.0 users to convert them into Web3. The investment into Me3 allows us to further strengthen our value proposition of bringing a superior front to back experience for all users.”

The Me3 solution will be the de-facto non-custodial wallet for Play3 and Noctua, a game distribution platform. The strategic partnership enables EVOS to convert the 18 million followers that currently subscribe to their Web 2.0 gaming ecosystem into Web3 users.

GameFi has been incredibly resilient during the crypto market downturn. Players avidly embrace new games, and with large numbers of studios turning to Web3, investment remains robust, and next-generation games are in the pipeline.

Gan Hong Loon, co-founder of Me3 commented: “This initiative serves as a strategic pillar for us to work with a top-tier gaming ecosystem. We envision the partnership to serve the existing Web 2.0 user base through a user experience that they are used to.” 

About Me3:

The Me3 ecosystem is designed with Web 2.0 users in mind by removing the complexities normally associated with Web3 applications. It gives all Web 2.0 users a familiar sign-in process and easy discovery similar to Web 2.0 applications. By providing a simple gateway to purchase and exchange crypto tokens and NFTs while avoiding complex concepts such as “swapping”, “liquidity pools” and different chains. The huge potential for Me3 is recognised by investors, including the Royal family of Brunei, BlocTech, Tokocrypto, Play3, and BORA, the Web3 protocol layer for Kakao Games. They have invested in the project whilst still in its open beta.

About Play 3:

​​Play3 is the leading Web3 GameFi platform based in SEA, founded and operated by EVOS Esports. EVOS has built the largest esports organization in the region, boasting a cumulative social media following of 18 million and representing over 600 creators with a combined network size of over 200 million subscribers. With the capacity to leverage gaming brands, they are the established go-to-market partner in Southeast Asia for all major game developers, such as Netease, Tencent, and Riot, providing them with white-labeled publishing services and unparalleled market access.