In2Scuba Diving Maui Dive excited to announce the finest introductory scuba diving and private diving courses in Maui Lahaina & Kaanapali! Scuba diving is an amazing experience and In2Scuba Diving Maui is ready to take you on the excursion of a lifetime.

Classes are guaranteed to be small, safe, and private and no diving background is required. PADI scuba instructor Ty specializes in beginners and lets anyone who can swim enjoy the many spectacular diving opportunities available on Maui.

“With Scuba diving you will have the opportunity to observe sea turtles, tropical fish, and countless other species of marine life that live in the waters of Maui. It’s also a social activity with major health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, and is an incredible adventure to add to your vacation.”

In2Scuba’s Maui Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners is perfect for adults and children who are not yet certified. It’s a safe, short class that only takes a small portion of your time and helps boost self-confidence in students of all ages. Your kids will overcome their fear of the ocean and learn to love the water. You’ll be beach diving from the western shores of Maui and learning all you need to know to have an unforgettable underwater adventure.

Private scuba classes and certified diver group dives are both outstanding ways to maximize your Maui dive time. Private lessons are available for first-time divers and certified divers can get private lessons with their friends and families, which makes it a perfect for groups, honeymoon couples, wedding parties, and reunions.

This is also a beach diving situation because no boat is needed to have a great time where we’re going to take you. To register your private diving adventure visit In2scuba diving Private Scuba Diving page.

In2Scuba Diving Maui Dive Co., has been among the best scuba companies in Lahaina, Hawaii since 2012 and has also won the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame Award 5 years in a row. Dive instructor Ty is a patient, skilled, and personable teacher who has been working in Maui since 2001.

Ty is a master scuba diver trainer, a specialty instructor (12 specialties offered), an emergency first responder, and a DAN 02 for Diving Injuries instructor. He’s also an SDI and NASE instructor, as well as a gifted underwater photographer. Let Ty show you the joy of diving Maui and its beautiful reefs.