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Illuminating Sustainability: Bilan Liu’s Journey in Crafting the BrightSideGoods Visual Identity

Bilan Liu, a leading designer, started her fantastic voyage for the BrightSideGoods company. Through her teamwork with this group, she ended up with an engaging logo design that stood out globally among eco-conscious customers. The project was not only about building a brand name but telling a story of sustainability, 21st century elegance and design transformation.

Through an all-in presentation, she embarked on learning the company’s vision and mission whirling around in intensive workshops and brainstorming sessions later. This transformed the brand logo into a heart symbol and a letter ‘B’, which showed the philosophy of the brand which was uniquely dedicated to compassion and sustainability. Sofa and lamps bring in the mood of warmth and light. The use of these elements by the brand allude to their belief of developing eco-friendly homes.

Walking perseveringly, Bilan gained recognition as the project of BrightSideGoods Visual Identity won the awards of MUSE and International Design. These recognitions were considered as a sign that the project successfully implemented the concept of the use of flawless design together with ecological maintenance.

The experience gleaned from this endeavor promises to shape Bilan’s future career trajectory significantly. It equipped her with a diverse skill set, ranging from logo design to market positioning strategies. The project highlighted the importance of strategic thinking in aligning design elements with brand ethos, ensuring resonance with the target audience. Bilan stated while talking about her journey, Absolutely, the experience of working on the BrightSideGoods Visual Identity project will be immensely beneficial to my future career plans. It has been a pivotal experience that will undoubtedly shape my future career. It has provided me with a rich set of skills, insights, and experiences that I can apply to a wide range of design challenges, making me a more competent, thoughtful, and innovative designer in the long run.

At the time of the project, Bilan specially remembers the cooperative procedure, that is, working together on developing the logo. The idea of serenity which they found in the beauty of nature brought the design in simplicity. This culminated finally in a design that did more than only having a symbolic meaning but instead became a reflection of the principle of “BrightsideGoods.”

Needless to mention, thoroughly, the expedition experienced both the problems and the difficulties respectively. Bridging the two concepts i.e. ecology and contemporary aesthetics came along with this project. With good design and inventiveness, it became possible to solve this challenge. Nevertheless, the journey was not an easy one; Bilan had to overcome insurmountable obstacles with perseverance and innovation. But all ended well, resulting in the extraordinary identity that showed strength and environmental awareness. Bilan said, The most challenging aspect of designing the visual identity for BrightSideGoods was finding the perfect balance between the brand’s foundational principles of sustainability and modern elegance, and translating these abstract concepts into a tangible, visual form that resonates with the audience. This task was not just about aesthetics; it was about embedding the brand’s mission and values into every design element, making the visual identity both meaningful and impactful.

As the number of Bilan’s projects increases, the gradation between projects including the visual identity for BrightSideGoods with a project like the XYG Window Visual Identity demonstrates the designer’s skill of being versatile. All projects indeed possess a diversified form of learning that emphasizes the dedication of Chantal in the field of design, graphical area.

Crafting BrightSideGoods Visual Identity, Bilan Liu is a catalyst for the future that is more sustainable and visually impactful. Her contribution—logo after logo—amplifies the movement for a better, more beautiful and sustainable future.

To know more about Bilan Liu, visit her website at https://www.lanjux.com/ or reach out via email at isliubilan@gmail.com.