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Hungarian Writer Wins Best Screenplay at Vegas Movie Awards

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, February 21, 2024 — Hungarian writer Zsolt Pozsgai won the Best Screenplay award at the Vegas Movie Awards in February 2024. “Stay with me” is based on a true story. Two years ago in Hungary, a minibus carrying illegal migrants crashed into a tree during a chase. All passengers were killed. Except for a young pregnant Sudanese girl who flew out the front window and ran to a nearby farmhouse to give birth. The film tells the story of the farmer and the girl and her newborn baby.

The writer-director in Las Vegas in 2023. Two of his films are finalists.

Zsolt Pozsgai’s work has been extremely successful. His film “Darkening way”, shot three years ago, has so far won 389 international awards around the world. His previous film has also won hundreds of awards. The writer-director is now preparing a new film with the support of the Hungarian National Film Fund. However, this script did not win a grant from the film fund, so the writer sent it to festivals, and it has won nearly a hundred festivals in the screenplay category from Australia to India and Canada. And it’s not only in the film field that he has been successful: his plays have also been performed in theatres around the world, and he has a drama that has been translated into 24 languages and performed.

This screenplay has now won Best Screenplay at the Vegas Movie Awards. The writer-director has already been a finalist in two of his films in Las Vegas in the autumn of 2023, and he attended the event in person. “Stay with me” is now waiting for a producer, someone who appreciates a film written with human situations. Because migration is a problem all over the world, the film could be relevant anywhere. Zsolt Pozsgai likes to mix realistic and unrealistic elements in his films, and this script is one of them. Now he is working on a new script, a dance film. Based on an unprecedented, unprocessed theme. This film could be an opportunity for international dancers to meet, hundreds of dancers in one film. This is the dream, and the author hopes that this dream will be realized, as well as the others. As long as you keep trying to realize new and new dreams, you will live – so says Chinese philosophy. The Hungarian writer and director has several more lifelong dreams.

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