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“Human hair wig with bangs, Wedding hairstyles & 4×4 closure wig”

In this blog, you’ll get to know about 3 types of wigs and their specifications.


1.  Human hair wig with bangs

1.1 Styling options in Human hair with bangs

1.1.1 side-swept bangs

1.1.2 Curtain bangs

1.1.3 Bangs and ponytail

1.1.4 Bangs and bun

2.  Wedding Hairstyles

2.1 Luvmehair Wedding wigs

2.2 Why choose a wig for your wedding hairstyle?

3.  4×4 closure wig

3.1 What is it?

3.2 Benefits

Human hair wig with bangs:

A human hair wig with bangs is an exclusive launch of Luvmehair. The wig offers natural bangs that remain durable and look realistic. To meet the needs of bangs lovers’ luvmehair has created a human hair wig that looks as natural as your real hair. This effortless way of styling your hair gives a chic look and changes your appearance.

A human hair wig with bangs covers the hairline of your natural hair thus can’t be detected that it’s a wig. Its installation is super easy and you can slay the bangs in no time. Check out the human hair wigs from luvmehair, I’m sure you gonna love them and can’t help trying them.

Styling options in Human hair with bangs:

Human hair with bangs isn’t just an only hairstyle but it has versatility in it and you can change your look by slaying cute and cool bangs. You can opt for different hairstyles with bangs and flaunt your look. Let’s check out the different hairstyles that can go with human hair wigs with bangs and compliments your look.

  • The first hairstyle that you can create with a human hair wig with bangs is side-swept bangs. It’s an easy peasy but cool hairstyle that helps you to flaunt your human hair wig with bangs. Just sweep the bangs on a side by using styling cream and you’re done. It switches the simple bangs into fun and adorable.
  • You can also try curtain bangs. It looks captivating and changes the dull simple bangs into charming ones. Just part your bangs and sweep on the sides by using styling cream.
  • To achieve a classic look you can make your bangs straight and experiment with your look. You might find it laudatory.
  • Bangs with ponytails always brandish the look. It’s always in trend hairstyle and pretty easy to do. Just make a ponytail of your wig and set your bangs on your forehead and you’re ready to go look is here. Must try this chic hairstyle by using a human hair wig with bangs.
  • Bangs with bun is another super adorable hairstyle that you can easily achieve. It looks carefree but adds an enhancing look to your personality. Simply make a bun of your wig and set the bangs on the front or the sides and you’re good to go. Bun with bangs is the most alluring hairstyle that is opted for by many celebrities to rock the bangs.

Wedding hairstyles:

Embrace the versatility to create a perfect look by wearing a wig from Luvmehair on your wedding day. Luvmehair has 100% human hair wigs that can make your big day more special. You can buy a lace frontal, closure, or undetectable lace wig from Luvmehair to create your desired hairstyle for your big day. The natural-looking wig from luvmehair gives a realistic appearance and completes your flawless look.

Luvmehair has a special edition of wigs for a wedding day that is available at an exclusive discounted price. These wigs are made with human hair so no one can detect that you’re wearing a wig. They have a smooth texture that adds a glamorous sensation to your personality. If you’re looking for an elegant human hair wig for your big day then go blindfolded at Luvmehair. You won’t regret buying a wig from Luvmehair you’re your wedding day.

Why choose a wig for your wedding hairstyle?

  • The diverse and exclusive wigs at Luvmehair allow you to get your desired look for your wedding day and make your day more special without damaging your natural hair.
  • Luvmehair has wedding special undetectable lace wigs so the lace melts in your scalp and gives the appearance of natural hair growing from the scalp.
  • There’s a wide variety of wedding wigs like straight, wavy, curly, wigs with bangs, wigs with highlights and streaks, and much more. Break the taboo of wearing a wig on your wedding day and wear the wig on your wedding day to complete your look as you wear the wig on normal days.
  • Girls with thin hair don’t need to worry about their big day hair look as Luvemahir is allowing buying a human hair-made wig to complete the hair look flawlessly.
  • Anyone with hair issues or conditions like alopecia can opt for a wig from Luvmehair to get a perfect look for a wedding day.
  • A wig allows versatility in styling and doesn’t harm your natural hair.
  • Go for a lace front or undetectable lace wig on your wedding day to achieve a seamless look and be the center of attention.
  • If you’re fond of wavy or curly hair but don’t want to heat styling your hair then buy a wedding hair wig and achieve your desired look in no time.
  • You can also get highlighted hair by using a wig on your big day by wearing a highlighted wig from Luvmehair.
  • It’s completely normal to wear a wig on a wedding day to achieve a perfect hairstyle. It will boost your confidence and a confident bride looks more pleasing and beautiful.
  • Make your day special and flaunt your hairstyle however you wanted it to be.

4×4 closure wig:

This type of lace wig comes with temple-to-temple closure. It ranges from 4×4 closures to 7×7 closures. In this wig, you’ll get a 4-inch lace closure from the front and 4-inch lace from the back. It completely covers the head and allows versatility in styling. If you’re also fond of closure wigs then go at Luvmehair.

You’ll find a wide variety of closure wigs that are made up of 100% human hair. luvmehair 4×4 closure wig is the hottest selling hairpiece. 4×4 closure is always in trend because its U-shaped cap enables versatility in styling within a few minutes and didn’t harm your natural hair.


  • 4×4 closure is beginner friendly. It can be applied without glue and remains within budget.
  • 4×4 closure wigs provide a good hair part and create a natural hairline that looks beautiful.
  • The lace of the 4×4 closure melts into the scalp and gives a natural appearance that hair is growing out of roots.
  • Its seamless cap offers variety in hairstyling and lets you part your hair however you like.
  • 4×4 closure can be part in sides, middle, or even three-way part that makes it convenient to opt for multiple hairstyles.
  • Luvemehair 4×4 closure is made of 100% human hair that lets you to even bleach or dye the closure wig for more versatility.
  • 4×4 closure is easy to install wig and its cap is breathable which keeps you serene even in hot weather.
  • The wig can be installed without glue thus protecting your natural hair from being damaged by harsh adhesive and preventing hair loss.
  • 4×4 closure is an ideal wig for working females as it didn’t require much time in installation and is put on and off quickly.
  • The perfect size of 4×4 closure fits on your head so you don’t need to worry about the wig falling off as it protects your head by adjustable strap and clips.