A skip is a rubbish bin that a scrap metal dealer can supply. Skip fillers are generally used for material collected for recycling, for example, industrial and domestic waste. The skip-fillers should not be taken to where the raw materials are deposited when they arrive at the scrap metal merchant, or he will have to pay this person to go and collect it from their site once it’s complete. The following are some steps for how to use skips for Scrap Metal Recycling:

1. Find a suitable place to get the skip from the scrap metal merchant.

This might be a national company that will deliver and collect the bin or a local company that will supply it for you. They will know if your area has a permit scheme for using skips and that you can only leave them on public land or in public spaces for a short time before they have to be cleared. The scrap metal dealer will be able to supply the skip to you at the best price, so it’s best to ask them for a quotation first. The price of a skip depends on the size and content of the skip. The best deals can be found at the beginning of the year when there’s more scrap metal on the market. Scrap metal merchants in Essex are best for scrap metal recycling.

2. Prepare the skip for use.

This will depend on the size of the skip you will use. You could take it to your workplace if you can carry it in a wheelbarrow or trailer. As long as there is nothing on the way which you don’t want to put in the skip, this is probably best. If it’s much more significant, like a standard size for industrial used scrap metal or a skid-steer loader, it would be easier to bring it in your car or hire a vehicle. If you’ve hired a skip, the driver will be able to tell you of any restrictions or permits that are required. Some skips are loaded from the top, but using a grab or forklift on a flatbed truck is usually faster.

3. Make sure you’re safe when using Scrap Metal Recycling skips.

Make sure your bin is in a safe place where it will be kept from being knocked over or damaged by passing traffic and leave it there for a short time. Leaving skips on the road or in a car park for more than 24 hours is illegal. You can be fined if you do so, or you could put other people at risk.

4. Collect the scrap metal from your skip’s contents.

Make sure all the waste is out, too – you don’t want to get into problems with your local authority and have to pay for it getting cleared up unintentionally. The scrap metal can be recycled, but it’ll save you time and effort if you sort it correctly.

5. Make sure you return your filled-up skip on time to the scrap metal merchant.

If you’ve asked for the skip to be collected, make sure it’s returned on time so the scrap merchant can dispose of it properly on their next collection run or give them a call to see if they can change their collections and pick up your skip then if not.


It is essential to use skips for Scrap Metal Recycling correctly and to find out any necessary permits required to use them. In the UK, a skip is a valuable tool in recycling old materials and can be used to recycle different types of scrap metal. Scrap metal merchants in Essex can supply various skips to cater to the different materials that need collecting. Skip hire in Essex can be a valuable service for businesses looking to recycle their scrap metal and save them using up their own time or money.