Knowing the biggest companies on the market is good for traders and investors in different aspects: 1) to know the best stocks to buy, sell or hold; 2) to examine the changes in the market space; 3) to spotlight the inner changes in each company and discover the ranking. 

There are reliable websites and charts to explore the real stocks of Apple, Amazon, Tesla, and other industries.

The DOW 30

DJIA, DOW 30, or Dow Jones Industrial Average is a specified digital source with top-ranked industrial enterprises publicly operating on the territory of the USA.

Dow Jones index 30 enterprises are constantly replacing each other due to the changes in the market. The Dow Jones 30 is an industrial index representing the 30 biggest, publicly-traded companies trading on the Nasdaq and the NYSE. So, what companies are there exactly? But before that, let’s discuss the elements.

DOW 30 index components

There are the next elements:

  1. Symbol;

  2. Previous close;

  3. Name;

  4. Price;

  5. Change.

This information shows each represented industry from different sides.

The actual companies at DJIA list:

  • AMGN;

  • GS;

  • CVX;

  • IBM;

  • HON;

  • MMM;

  • NKE;

  • TRV;

  • MSFT;

  • PG;

  • VZ;

  • UHN;

  • V;

  • WMT;

  • HD;

  • JNJ;

  • KO;

  • INTC;

  • JPM;

  • MRK;

  • MCD;

  • NKE;

  • DOW;

  • DIS;

  • AXP;

  • CAT;

  • BA;

  • AAPL;

  • CSCO;

  • WBA.

Let’s Talk About Nikkei 225 Rating

What is Nikkei?

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun, or simply Nikkei, is a worldwide phenomenon and a respected economical newsletter based in Tokyo that makes research in the financial industry. The company’s part, Nikkei 225, is a stock market indicator for the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The Nikkei 225 list of companies consists of the largest enterprises with millions of dollars in stocks. It issues daily news for readers all over the planet.

How to invest in Nikkei 225?

As a matter of fact, you cannot invest directly in an index, but you can get profits via underlying stocks within the Nikkei 225 through an exchange-operated fund (ETF).

Why is the Nikkei 225 a good source to track?

You can use Nikkei 225 to search for the best Japanese stocks to add new supplies for your investments.

Where to Seek Business News?

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