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How to Throw an Incredible Outdoor Event This Summer

Planning an awesome party is a tricky and challenging process. But, if you have the right ideas, you can throw a summer event that will leave your friends asking you how you managed to pull it off.

Throwing an outdoor event is a fantastic way to get quality time with your friends while enjoying the warm weather. So to help you out, we’ve listed some tips that will help you throw an incredible outdoor event.

Keep reading to learn all the best summer party tips.

Identify the Perfect Venue

First, consider the event you are planning and your target audience. Too large of a venue can make it dull or add extra expenses. While too small, it could limit the number of guests and how the summer event can be structured.

It should be easily accessible by car or public transport for the safety and convenience of attendees. Also, consider the environment the site provides.

If a fun, relaxed atmosphere is desired, look for a scenic area with trees and plenty of natural greenery. Or if an airier, more energetic atmosphere is what you’re shooting for, try a space with open fields and a clear blue sky.

Get Creative With Decorations

One of the outdoor event ideas is to start by creating an eye-catching backdrop using balloons, colorful streamers, lanterns, and more. Get creative with another décor by using fabrics in vibrant colors, complemented with some potted plants or artificial grass.

Choose fun table decorations such as centerpieces, matching plates, and placemats. You can also have paper fans and umbrellas to give the extra summer a feel.

Select Summer-Inspired Food and Drinks

To start the seasonal event, a light, fresh summer salad would make a wonderful appetizer. Grilled fresh fish is a great main dish that is perfect for summer nights.

Don’t forget to include sides like a cucumber and tomato salad, seasonal grilled vegetables, and corn on the cob. An array of summer desserts, like frozen berries, angel food cake, and party ice cream carts are a must-have.

For drinks, an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages should be available. Set up a bar with all the fixtures and let guests have fun creating their drinks.

Make It Memorable With Music and Entertainment

Set up a stage and hire a DJ to spin the hottest summer sounds. A live musician or band is also a great choice to bring exciting energy to your event.

Activities like cornhole, jugging, singing or karaoke competitions, yard games, and more will keep everyone entertained throughout the night. Hire performers that specialize in providing services such as circus arts, poi spinning, or stilt walking to add a unique touch.

A Guide to an Amazing Outdoor Event This Summer

Throwing in an incredible outdoor event this summer is simpler than you think. Follow this guide to create a memorable event your guests won’t soon forget.

With some planning and help, you will be well on your way to making this summer one of the best! So, go ahead and plan the party of the summer with unbeatable food, drinks, and fun.

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