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How to take care of natural hair under wigs:

Wearing wigs is truly the best way to protect your hair and gives you a perfect hairstyle that not only boosts up your styling game but also transforms the whole look. However, taking care of your natural hair is equally important as it is probably the most visible part of your body. In this blog, we have summed up the ultimate hair care routine that one can follow at home while wearing our finest wigs made of 100% human hair at the same time. So stay tuned.

Massage your scalp:

After a long day, when you take your wig off, don’t forget to massage your scalp for a few minutes. Massaging the scalp promotes blood flow and encourages your hair to grow.

Wash your hair regularly:

If you want to keep your scalp clean you should wash your hair regularly to make hair follicles healthy and more susceptible to growth. When you wear a wig all day, the chances of accumulating sweat and dirt are higher which causes an unpleasant smell. So always wash your hair after taking off a wig just with water and with shampoo at least once a week.

Cleansers with a nozzle:

Regular cleansing of hair is a must even if the natural hair is covered with wigs. Hair cleaning products with a nozzle are more suitable to place the product where it’s needed. In this way, no extra effort is required to clean the natural hair.

Shampoo your hair:

Shampooing your hair is the most important part of a haircare regime. To cleanse the hair and scalp, pour some shampoo on the palm and gently massage it onto the scalp with the balls of fingertips. One must do it bi-weekly to remove the debris and dirt without stripping the natural oils.

Conditioner is a must:

Just because your natural hair is covered under a wig doesn’t mean that you should skip the conditioner. Conditioner is equally important as a shampoo to maintain the softness, sheen, and overall hair health. After shampoo, take a dollop of conditioner and rub it in the hair tresses, not the scalp and then rinse it off properly after 4-5 minutes. A good conditioner helps in detangling the hair, defining the curl patterns, and adding hydration to your hair.

Use Microfiber towel:

After a good wash, wrap the hairs in a microfiber towel for almost 20 minutes to soak up the excess moisture as it’s essential.

Apply natural oils:

As your natural hair is hiding beneath the wig so oiling is the best option to combat dry, flaky scalp and brittle ends. Natural oils not only give hydration to the hair but also prevent clogging the pores of the scalp. Pour in a small amount of oil in the palm and massage gently through the scalp, hair, and the weft. Finally, gently smooth it over the edges to make them shiny and straight.

Moisturizer your hair:

Keeping your hair moisturized is the most important step in a hair care regimen so don’t skip this step. Most people use caps but one thing that they don’t know is that caps suck out all the moisture, oil, and shine that is naturally present in the hair. So when you take off wigs, simply wash your hair and then make a mixture of a good leave-in conditioner and water and spray on the roots and tresses.

Use a satin scarf:

Sleeping in a satin scarf is the best way to keep hair moisturized throughout the night. In this way, your hair stays soft, silky, and detangled.

Wear a wig cap:

Wig caps are an excellent way of keeping your natural hair protected. Wig caps not only act as a protective barrier between hair and wig but also keeps your hair in place under the wig.

Avoid damp hair:

Damp natural hairs under the wig are extremely uncomfortable and promote the growth of different bacteria so avoid them no matter what.

Trim your hair:

Cutting hair is very beneficial for healthy hair growth. We often have split ends and damaged hair by extensive use of wigs and hair extensions and that is a no joke. Trimming those split ends after every four to six weeks not only helps in getting rid of those split ends but also gives more volume and regrowth of healthy tresses.

Let your hair breathe:

We don’t recommend sleeping in your wig as they cause friction which promotes breakage and thin hair. Always take them off before going to bed to let your natural hair and scalp breathe throughout the night.

Take breaks:

When it’s not necessary then remove your wig to let your hair breathe a little. Oxygen and sunlight both are very important to maintain the overall health of natural hair. One of the biggest pitfalls of leaving a hair extension or wig for too long is your hair gets matted with split ends and rough texture. Deep cleansing and trimming after 6-8 weeks is necessary to achieve healthy growth and volume of hairs.

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