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How to start a successful auto parts dropshipping business: A beginner’s guide

Dropshipping business constantly attracts new entrepreneurs. They believe this business model is significantly more accessible as you do not need to store or produce goods. You do not need to invest in inventory and care for the workforce. To start this business, you need a laptop with a stable Internet. You can even expand to multinational businesses; purchase some subscriptions to dropshipper software that will make listings, repricing, automate order fulfillment, and delivery tracking. In most cases, a dropshipper mainly focuses on marketing and choosing the product niche and Supplier.

In recent years, dropshipping trends were clothing, kitchen and home appliances, baby products, office products, and personal care products. Even though auto parts are not in trend, there is a constant demand for these products, as cars are almost in every family. The number of cars in the USA is 1.9 per household, which is an impressive reason to dig into this product niche. Please read this guide carefully for dropshipper beginners in the auto part business.

A beginner’s guide for auto parts dropshipping business

There are thousands of car models; millions of spare parts are required daily. Some technical issues require professional knowledge, so to succeed in this business, you must be prepared and know something about cars. Remember to legalize your store and register your business based on federal and legal requirements. This guide helps only to set up the dropshipping business, but to expand your knowledge about cars, you need to add additional sources by yourself. It is also beneficial to read more articles related to auto parts dropshipping before start to sale Auto Parts.

1.  To narrow the product niche

The auto parts niche is vast; it is not possible for beginners to deal with Manufactures of different brands worldwide. It would help if you focused on the auto parts (like gearbox, cylinders, fuel system, tires, brake system) or car accessories (interior or exterior accessories, electronics). For beginners, we recommend starting with cheap small accessories to try several products to check how the whole chain works. Such parts are simple to deliver for your Suppliers and have fewer returns than you can expect.

2.  Search for Supplier

As for any other dropshipping business, you can search for Suppliers from AliExpress. There you can find cheap replicas from all famous car brands, and you definitely find Companies that support dropshipping business models. Unfortunately, you can hardly find original branded parts there, and it is almost impossible to order them at the Factories as they do not work with dropshippers. Instead, you can find store owners or retailers with a wide choice of parts that want to expand their market. During your choice, you need to consider the quality of parts and shipping time. We can recommend checking several auto suppliers – Shifteck, Magnum Tuning, Turn 14, and Parts Multiverse.

The relationship with Suppliers should be based on a signed contract with detailed agreements on returns, product quality, product and delivery terms, and possible discounts. A dropshipper does not have an influence on the quality of goods; he can only choose a Supplier correctly. Therefore, performing one or two test purchases from a Supplier before selling his goods to Customers is recommended.

3.  Create your online store

There are several options for online store creation – own domain or marketplace. Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are popular e-commerce platforms for selling auto parts. You can also enlarge your presence on all marketplaces, but we recommend that beginners start only from one store. If you organize your website, do not forget about payment services (Visa, PayPal, American Express, etc.).

To sell on Amazon, you need to be a professional seller, and you should receive special approval before you can sell; you can skip this verification if you already have an e-commerce online store. In addition, all auto spares should have UPC  (Universal Product Code) and comply with all applicable laws.

eBay Motors presents the eBay Auto Spares marketplace. You do not need to make any preparation to sell auto parts; you just create a separate listing and categorize parts per vehicle. EBay’s compatibility tool helps to provide all the required information to choose the part. The marketplace allows the selling of new, remanufactured, or used spare parts.

Another popular marketplace is Walmart, with a dedicated department for car parts and accessories. To sell parts there, you must have a standard Walmart Seller account, a mortar auto store, or a dedicated website. In addition, all parts should be appropriately identified with attributes and model numbers to be correctly rated on the Walmart site.

4.  Marketing your online store

All online stores should be visited by Customers. That’s why you must promote them properly with social media, discounts, newsletters, advertising campaigns, and ensure proper SEO optimization. Your online store should have detailed descriptions of goods, quality photos, and other helpful information for automobile owners. All web pages should have organically distributed keywords and links. You can partner with other resources of your niche and participate in online events and forums. You can promote your store with paid or free methods.

5.  Order fulfillment and customer service

After proper execution of steps 1-4, you are ready to take the first orders. Be polite and provide 24/7 technical support and consultation about products. For new stores, receiving return customers and having as many positive reviews as possible are essential. Also, organize a forum on your website and discuss hot automobile topics.


Successful auto parts dropshipping business is specific only by the product niche; all other rules and requirements are the same as for any other dropshipping business. You can sell tires or car accessories without specific knowledge, but for more complicated details, you need to learn. The essential steps are 2 and 3, which are the foundation for a successful business. We recommend you start with high-demand products to fill this business model, find your Customer, and then expand your product cart. Dropshipping is a perfect start for young entrepreneurs; you can combine this business model with others and be twice effective!