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How To Start A Business With Only Kamado BBQ

If you want to start your business in the cooking industry, you need no more than one Kamado BBQ grill. The cost of the kamado is very affordable and it can cook enough food for a large family. This article will teach you how to start a business with only Kamado Grill. You can put up this grill on any flat surface as long as there’s space where you have room to set up your table and chairs near the grill.

To be able to use the kamado, you just need this simple instruction manual. It has all the information about what size and type of Kamado BBQ grill you should buy. You don’t need to know about electrical wiring or gas lines before getting the kamado grill.

First steps

1. Buy the kamado grill:

You can buy our Kamado Club BBQ from online store. If you prefer buying from the local store, you can ask around if someone has an unused kamado that they are willing to sell to you cheaply. However, make sure that you do not pay too much money for the used Kamado BBQ grills because most of them are broken after having been used for years.

2. Inspect the grill:

Take the kamado out of its packaging first. Look at the box carefully – if there is some damage done to the lid or even missing parts, then you must find another one. Inspect every part including the handle – see if anything looks damaged and in good condition. Check the instructions and read them thoroughly, so that you don’t get confused when using them. Make sure that you understand everything which is written inside the instructions.

3. Read through the instruction manual:

Once you have inspected the kamado, open the package and read the instructions carefully. They tell you what size and shape of the Kamado BBQ you should buy. Some stores offer free delivery service but it may take a few days until you receive the item. After opening the package, you can start reading the instructions carefully.

4. Make sure that the kamado works properly:

Before you cook something, check the fuel gauge to ensure that it still reads full. Also, check the temperature by placing a thermometer into the oven compartment of the kamado.

5. Set up the wood stove:

The next step is setting up the wood stove. Don’t forget to leave enough space between the stove and the side wall so that the heat won’t escape. Place the stove on top of the kamado grill and place the grate over the stove. Now turn off the oven fan.

6. Turn on the power supply:

Now connect the electric wire and plug it into the outlet. Turn on the power switch. You can now enjoy cooking without worrying about turning on the flame manually.

Ideas for locating the Kamado BBQ business

1. Cooking school:

A good way to make money is by teaching people how to cook their favorite dishes. You can create a mini-kitchen where students can learn how to cook from scratch. All you need is a well-equipped kitchen, classes, and a reliable source of income.

2. Barbecue restaurant:

Another great idea for starting a business is running a barbecue restaurant. You can do this by opening a small barbeque restaurant or running a catering company. These types of businesses usually require a lot of investments upfront.

3. Food cart/Street vendor:

Food carts are becoming popular nowadays, especially among millennials who spend less time sitting inside homes and more time engaging in outdoor activities. There are lots of opportunities for food vendors to earn money from selling food items. Many food carts also serve beverages and some even provide entertainment services.

4. Meal delivery service:

People love to eat healthy foods and these meals are easy to prepare. So why not set yourself up as a meal delivery service? People will be happy to order your delicious meals from home.

5. Catering company:

Catering companies are great places to work as they allow you to customize recipes according to each customer’s preferences.


If you want to start a business with only a small investment, then you should consider buying a Kamado BBQ smoker. Kamados are ideal for grilling and smoking food items such as meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and fruits. If you decide to buy a kamado smoker, then remember to follow all instructions carefully before operating it. This device is relatively new compared to other cooking appliances; therefore, you might encounter problems during operation.