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How to Select the Right Knee Brace for Dogs

As a pet owner, you know how important it is to keep your dog happy and healthy. But sometimes, your pup may experience knee pain due to a medical condition or from running around too much. In these cases, a knee brace can be a great solution to help reduce their discomfort and keep them active and healthy. Whether your pup is an active breed or a senior, there are a variety of dog knee braces to choose from to help them move comfortably. But with so many braces on the market, how do you know which suits your dog?

Fortunately, this blog post will look at the key factors you should consider when selecting the right knee brace for your furry friend.

Types of Dog Knee Brace

Hinged brace

A hinged brace is the most common type and provides support to the joint so that your dog can move comfortably. These braces are designed to prevent excessive strain on the knee joint and may help with stability and overall mobility. They are often used after surgeries or injuries to help your dog regain mobility.

Cast brace

For more severe cases, a cast brace may be recommended by your veterinarian. These braces are designed to immobilize the knee joint so that the area can heal properly. This brace is usually used for dogs with ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments or luxating patellas.

Elastic support brace

Finally, an elastic support brace may alleviate pressure on the knee joint. These braces are designed with adjustable straps that allow for a customized fit and provide additional support to the knee. They may also help reduce inflammation and soreness around the joint.

No matter what type of dog knee brace you choose, it’s essential to follow your vet’s instructions for proper care and usage. Taking these steps will help ensure your dog’s knee brace provides the maximum benefit and helps your pup stay happy and active.

How to Measure a Dog for a Knee Brace

Once you have determined that your dog needs a knee brace, the next step is to measure them for one. This can be done in three easy steps.

  • First, measure your dog’s legs from its hip to the top of its hock. You can use a flexible tape measure for this task and should be aware of any irregularities in your dog’s legs. This includes any swelling or deformity that you can detect.
  • Second, when measuring for a knee brace, it is vital to measure the circumference of both the stifle and patella joints on each leg. The stifle joint should be measured around the broadest part of your dog’s leg, and the patella should be measured at the knee joint.
  • Finally, once you have all of your measurements, you can then use them to select an appropriately sized brace or splint for your dog. When selecting a brace, it is essential to make sure that the size is correct, as an ill-fitting brace will not provide the proper support your dog needs. Additionally, You should also consider selecting a brace that is adjustable and comfortable for your dog to wear.

Selecting the Right Knee Brace for Dogs

When selecting a knee brace for your dogs, you should also consider the material it is made from and its design features. Knee braces are typically constructed from lightweight materials such as neoprene or neoprene blend fabrics, designed to provide optimal support without compromising comfort.

Look for products that feature adjustable straps, contoured panels, and padding in areas where extra support is needed. Additionally, you may want to choose a style with an open back and adjustable hinges for greater flexibility.

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