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How to Schedule Instagram Posts and Drive Better Engagement?

The world has become a global community thanks to social media platforms like Instagram. With at least 1 billion users, Instagram has become the go-to platform for almost all people, brands, and companies. People use this platform for different reasons. For some, it’s the place they can look for inspiration. For others, it’s where they show people more about their brand.

However, for you to get scheduled likes and views, your account needs to have more visibility. This is why it’s important to stay consistent with your content. But what do you do when you are too busy to post content on your Instagram page- the solution is scheduled Instagram posts.

But we can look at how to schedule Instagram posts; let’s look at why it is important.

Why is it Important to Schedule Instagram Posts?

As a brand or online business using Instagram, your main aim is to increase your brand’s awareness. You also want to capture the market. You can do so using your content. But why should you schedule your posts:

It Keeps You Disciplined: Scheduling your posts helps keep you disciplined as you can plan on developing your content. You also get to launch advertising posts based on your working schedule. This principle is perfect for businesses or brands with multiple accounts, especially because running numerous accounts can be challenging.

Saves you Energy and Time: Scheduling Instagram posts enable you to save energy and time. Rather than drop everything to write a post, you can use tools to help you plan your Instagram content.

It Improves Your Aesthetics: Scheduling posts makes it easy to track your Instagram post’s harmony before you even publish the post. A consistent and unique Instagram page design can help to improve your brand awareness.

How Should You Schedule Your Instagram Posts?

The conversion rate and popularity of your Instagram page largely depend on the quality of your content. So, how should you schedule your Instagram posts to increase conversion?

Create Engaging Videos and Photos

Content is still an important aspect of Instagram. So, you need to create engaging content first when scheduling your posts. Ensure that it is interesting, unusual, and engaging. Remember, every industry is unpredictable. Making your content unique gives you an advantage over your competitors. You can set aside one day to shoot your content if you have a busy schedule. You can then organize the content you made by color theme, campaign, or photoshoot.

Look for the Best Time to Post on Instagram

You must find the best time to post when your followers are online and scrolling their feeds. You need to determine the best time and day for your Instagram publications. You can view your Instagram insights and review your audience metrics to better understand the best time to post.

Plan Your Instagram Feed

Now that you have the content and time down, the next step is planning your Instagram feed. Make sure your profile details and posts have a style that speaks volumes about your brand. You can use a visual tool to acquire this effect.

Some of the things you can implement include the same fonts, similar color filters, and photo frames. Those small details are what help make your feed memorable. It also speaks volumes about your brand or online business as well.

Prepare Your Hashtags and Optimized Captions

What is an Instagram feed without the right caption or hashtag? But what might seem like a simple task is often rather time-consuming. The hashtag and caption you choose can either increase or reduce engagement on your page.

On average, Instagram allows users to include 30 hashtags for every post. Using the 30 hashtags, you can make your content more visible to countless people. However, make sure the hashtag options you choose relate to your content.

Choose the Right Scheduling Tool

Tools are an important part of scheduling Instagram posts. Therefore, ensure you choose the right service and tool to help you defer your posts on Instagram. The right tool will help you reduce the time spent on your posting process. You also get access to various new features to help you manage your publications.

While the tips above are easy to follow, people still make mistakes. One major mistake is forgetting to interact with the audience. Don’t forget that you are creating content for your audience. So, try to ensure you respond to the comments on the post. By increasing engagement, you can grow your Instagram account.