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How To Run Hoho Hub Script With Hydrogen Executor?

HoHo Hub is one of the most popular blox fruits scripts ever in roblox history. It has a wide range of fan bases from all over the world. Hoho hub script provides you a mod menu with a lot of customisation options, tools such as swords, teleporting and auto farming abilities, etc. If you want to download and execute it, continue to read this guide to learn the process of executing hoho hub script using hydrogen executor.

Actually, hoho hub script is just a piece of code and it is not an application that you can install and do things. So, in order to run the code, you need an app or executor. There are a wide range of executors available on the internet but only a few of them are working well. Hydrogen Executor and Fluxus Executor are the two best executors that you can use for executing the scripts for roblox.

Hydrogen executor is available for Android and Mac and on the other hand, fluxus executor is available for Windows and Android.

Download HoHo Hub Script [Latest Version]

The first thing is to download / copy the hoho hub script on your device. Then, you can use any of the below mentioned executors to execute the downloaded hoho hub script.


Copy the above script code to your clipboard or paste it in a notepad and save it to your device (Android, Windows PC or MacBook).

How To Execute HoHo Hub Script Using The Hydrogen Executor?

Below are the instructions to run/execute the hoho hub blox fruits script on your android mobile by using the hydrogen executor.

  • Download Hydrogen Executor APK from the official website on your android device by visiting the hydrogen.us.com.
  • When you are on the homepage of the website, scroll down a bit till you find the download button.
  • Tap the download button and visit the download page where you will get the most recent version available for download.
  • Download hydrogen executor apk for your android device (smartphone or tablet).
  • Note: Uninstall roblox app from your android device prior to installing the hydrogen executor.
  • Click the hydrogen executor apk file and click Install option now.
  • Launch Roblox application (hydrogen executor) on your android device.
  • Login with your roblox account or create a temporary roblox account for safety.
  • Select the Blox Fruits game and tap the Play button.
  • Go to Get Key option (if you are using the free version of the hydrogen executor) or else you can directly execute the scripts using the hydrogen executor paid version which is ad free as well.
  • Once the executor is verified, paste the hoho hub script into the hydrogen executor on your mobile or macbook.

If you are not able to execute / run the hoho hub script using the hydrogen executor, you can try out the fluxus executor. I have mentioned the official website of the executor below, you can download it.

Fluxus Executor Websitehttps://fluxusexecutor.org/

The steps to verify the executor and run the scripts are almost the same in both the executors. Interface of the executors might look different but abilities are almost the same.

Tap the “Execute” button to run the script and to get the hoho hub mod menu. If you have any questions or doubts, please visit hydrogen.us.com website and read the tutorials available on their official portal.