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How To Remove Bugs On Houseplants

Are your houseplants suddenly dying or not growing optimally? You may be facing a bug infestation. This can happen to even the most proficient plant owners. There are a few reasons for bugs on houseplants:

  • Dormancy in winter, when plants are more vulnerable to pest attacks.
  • Altering humidity levels can create a breeding ground for pests.
  • Soil that is already infested with bugs, which then transfer onto the plant.
  • Open doors and windows that invite in pests from outdoors.
  • Unattended plants or poor-quality gardening materials used foster bugs.

These are some of the top reasons for houseplant bugs in Dubai. The region’s heat and humidity levels are unpredictable, thus the rising levels of pest attacks. Pest control Dubai services deal with indoor pest infestations all the time, which include pests in indoor plants.

Effective Ways To Remove Bugs On Houseplants

When you’re taking measures to remove bugs on houseplants, always choose ways that are effective in the long run. A combination of the following techniques will help you get rid of bugs on houseplants as well as keep them from coming back.

–  Isolate The Plant Till It’s Bug-Free

You want to keep the bugs from one plant from spreading to other plants to avoid a wide-scale infestation. When you spot bugs or other signs of bugs—such as white spots on crusty growth along the stems—isolate that plant immediately. Make sure to check the surrounding plants for signs of bugs as well. Additionally, though isolated, check that the infected plant gets sunshine, air, and hydration.

–  Spray Larger Bugs Off With Water

If you catch any large bugs on the leaves, you can spray these off with water. However, this method is only effective if the bug infestation is at the beginning stages and you don’t spot any other signs, such as damaged stem or smell from the soil. When spraying away the bugs, avoid targeting the spoil so that it is not overwatered.

–  Use A Gentle, Eco-Friendly Insecticide

Liquid insecticidal soaps are a great way to remove bugs on houseplants without treating them with harsh chemicals. A few precautions you should take when using anti-bug spray yourself:

  • Never spray the treatment in liberal amounts. Contrary to what you may think, adding more insecticide can harm plants.
  • Use eco-friendly products. A gentle insecticidal spray will help eliminate bugs but not affect plant integrity.
  • If you want to steer clear of chemical insecticides, go for natural, botanical oils and sprays. Whether or not a natural insecticide works depends on the extent of the infestation.

–  Introduce Beneficial Insects

A unique yet effective way to remove bugs on houseplants is bringing in bugs that consume the previous insects—and do not harm the plant. A great example is ladybugs, which are generally plant-friendly and eat up harmful pests. Make sure not to use insecticides with this method, otherwise you will kill the friendly bugs too.

Note: This method is only practical if you pair the right “friendly” bug with your plants. Do not take this risk yourself if you are uncertain of the effects.

–  Report The Plant With New Soil

If you need to remove bugs on houseplants and the bugs in question are soil-borne, go for a change of soil. Use a new clean pot for repotting. Next, wash the soil off the roots of the plants carefully. Dispose of the previous soil carefully, and clean up any mess to avoid the spread of bugs. Make sure to choose high-quality soil when repotting.

–  Pay Attention To Plant Upkeep

No amount of methods to remove bugs on houseplants will work if you don’t take care of your plant. Nutrient deficiency can weaken houseplants, making them susceptible to bugs. Additionally, it is possible that treating a plant well when it is already bug-infested can boost its pest-repelling properties. You can trim off the old, affected leaves and allow the newer, healthier leaves to grow in their place.

–  Call Professional Pest Control Services

If you want to avoid the extra time and effort of using DIY methods to remove bugs on houseplants, go for professional pest control services. As experts in inspecting and eradicating pest infestations, they can work precisely and quickly to get your plants back to healthy, bug-free condition. Severe bug infestations not only kill the entire plant they originate on but also spread to other plants.

Bottom Line

Bugs are an inevitable problem of owning houseplants. However, by taking care of your plants, using high-quality materials, and keeping an eye out for bugs for early treatments, you can avoid the hassle of a severe infestation.

You can also opt for pest control services for plants along with your scheduled pest inspection services. It can be easy to miss an infestation on houseplants until it has spread, so professional help can be very beneficial for your plants.