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How To Prepare Your Truck for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here and now is the time to prepare. When most people think of storm preparation, they focus on their homes. However, you can’t forget about your vehicle. Protecting your truck is essential if a hurricane hits, so learn how to prepare your truck for hurricane season now.

Seal Your Cargo

Start on the outside of your truck. Your truck bed is exposed to the elements making it vulnerable during a storm. Heavy rain could flood the bed and leave water sitting in it, creating a risk of damage. Hurricanes and tropical storms also bring strong wind which could send debris into your truck bed.

Protect it by covering it. Check out Product – Tonneau Covers and get one fitted for your truck. A hardcover can make sure no big items land in your truck and damage the truck bed lining. Getting a cover that can easily fold up also lets you access your cargo if needed and store the cover when you’re ready.

When it comes to covers for your truck, you have options. By checking out Category – Tonneau Covers, you can find covers that are retractable or rollable if those features work better for you. You can also find accessories to help keep your cargo organized.

Secure Your Interior

The inside of your truck could also use a bit of storm prep. Start by clearing out any unneeded items. This could include cleaning out trash or just things that have been left inside. Take a moment to protect your seats as well. Choose Product – Seat Covers that are water-proof to protect your truck’s finish. During a storm, there is a chance water or mud will get into the cab, so you’ll want to prevent damage.

Before a storm hits you will also want to take photos of the interior of your truck. If you happen to deal with flooding, the pictures will be useful in making a claim to your insurance company.

Stock Your Cab

Your hurricane season plans should include creating an emergency kit for your truck. Imagine you are away from home when a storm hits and you need to spend time in the truck. What will you need? Start with a few bottles of water along with non-perishable snacks. A blanket is a good idea and so is a change of clothes. Complete your kit with a portable phone charger and a list of emergency phone numbers.

Stay Aware

As you take all the steps to protect your truck, stay aware of what the weather conditions will be and your emergency options. Learn the location of your nearest shelter and your evacuation route. Make sure your gas tank is full and all your fluids are topped off in case you get stuck on the road. You should also sign up for alerts from your local government to see if conditions get worse.

Start prepping your truck for hurricane season by going to the best online auto parts retailer and getting the protective items you need to keep your ride looking great.