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How to Play with Monster High Dolls


Monster High dolls are not only pretty but also entertaining for kids of all ages! If you want to know the different ways you can play with your Monster High doll, read on to find out!

Playing with Monster High Dolls

Each doll can be different when it comes to design and personality. However, these different ways to play with them will help you enjoy and make the most out of your time with your favorite Monster High doll!

Feeding your doll

Eating together with your Monster High doll is a great way to bond! However, you should research first – what’s your doll’s favorite food? Doing so will ensure that your Monster High doll doesn’t get upset as you’re feeding them their favorite food!

Bath time

Your Monster High doll’s hair could get dirty as you play with her. No worries – just wash her hair with plain water. Don’t use shampoo, soap, or any kind of chemical because it will damage her hair colors! If she is wearing braids, it’s best to take them off first before bathing your doll.

When bath time is done, make sure to dry your doll thoroughly before putting back her hair ties, dress, clips, and other accessories. 

Birthday party

Do you know your Monster High doll’s birthday? Make note of it and prepare for this special day! Consider putting a theme of things that your Monster High doll likes. For instance, vampires would enjoy Blood Moon and werewolves would like a solar eclipse.

As for the birthday gift, make sure you do your research! Each Monster High doll will have specific favorites and preferences when it comes to birthday presents, so think about it thoroughly!

A cozy home

Your Monster High doll needs to have a place to stay – and it should be cozy and comfy as well! Now that you know your doll’s interests, consider having the colors suited to their preferences. Decorate your Monster High doll house based on their likes.

When it comes to living together, Monster High dolls have their own BFFs (e.g., Clawdeen Wolf being friends with Draculaura) so consider putting close friends nearby.

Pamper with spa time

Consider getting your Monster High doll some R&R (rest and relaxation) by giving her a spa treat! You can give her a nice hot tub on the sink (ask your parents first) 

Alternatively, you can use a shoe box and fill it up with shredded paper or plastic to act as water (this is important for Monster High dolls under the “Ghouls Alive” category, since it is electric).