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How to Make More Money as an Uber Driver

Uber launched in March 2009. Since then, the rideshare company has provided millions of rides to passengers and thousands of job opportunities to freelancers, gig workers, and independent contractors.

Researchers believe that the amount an Uber driver earns depends on several factors, such as;

  • Weekly hours worked
  • Location
  • Route knowledge
  • Time of day worked
  • Tips

In California, Uber drivers earn $20 hourly on average. Nationwide, the hourly average runs between $15 to $22.

Therefore, it makes sense that most drivers will search for ways to earn enough money to satisfy their income requirements.

Some drivers only need to earn extra money. Therefore, these drivers treat the rideshare service as a side hustle. Others treat the service as full-time jobs. Thus, these freelancers benefit from planning their workdays carefully.

For example, drivers interested in earning more income should study traffic patterns, hours that have the most demand, and locations where individuals request the most rideshares.

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What Is an Uber Driver?

An Uber Driver is an individual who signs up to give rides to riders through the Uber app.

Uber drivers use their equipment to give rides. Thus, drivers differ from taxi cabs and car services. Uber drivers can track their earnings through the app and manage the rides that they pick.

More importantly, according to the Internal Revenue Service, Uber drivers are independent contractors who double as small business owners. Understanding the concept ensures that freelancers keep more of what they earn since they must manage their expenses. 

We outline how to make more money as an Uber driver.

How to Make More Money as an Uber Driver

Savvy Uber drivers take small business ownership to heart and earn incomes that sustain them and their bills.

Successful drivers learn how to maximize their routes and work hours. Entrepreneurial drivers also watch for bonus opportunities and provide excellent customer service.

Let’s dive in with more detail.

Maximize Routes

All drivers use technology to help them navigate rides. Some use Google Maps and the company app to maximize routes; they also use their personal knowledge to arrive at destinations quickly and safely.

Thus, pay attention to frequently requested destinations and the various possible routes.

Some ride requests take drivers far out of their comfort zone and into unfamiliar areas.

Nonetheless, maximize routes by using map applications and technology. 

Maximize Work Hours

Next, maximize work hours to earn more money.

Riders request rides throughout the day, but there are times when they request more. 

For example, concerts, sporting events, and festivals have become rideshare hotspots since parking prices have risen. Thus, find current in-town events and plan to work during those hours.

In addition, figure out when individuals request the most rides. Then, take advantage of the demand.

Watch for Bonus Opportunities

Uber drivers can turn down requests. However, the company must keep its riders happy by providing rides whenever requested.

The company will provide bonus opportunities to incentive drivers to remain available during odd hours and for long-distance rides.

Sometimes, the bonus allows the driver to break even and keep some of the extra earnings.

Therefore, keep an eye out for the incentives.  

Maintain the Equipment

Most vehicle owners maintain their vehicles so that the cars remain reliable. Drivers must go the extra mile for several reasons.

First, riders notice when the cars that pick them up are clean. Second, the vehicle must drive without any problems – no one wants to get stuck in the middle of a ride in an unknown area or congested highway.

Maintenance also saves drivers money. Putting off oil changes, tire pressure checks, and fluid refills is tempting. However, it can lead to severe internal damage in the long run, becoming more expensive.

Remember: an out-of-service car impacts the driver’s ability to make money, reducing the take-home pay.

Practice Solid Customer Service Habits

Ratings matter – and the sharing economy that includes Uber championed the two-way rating system. 

Riders can request top-rated drivers even though it costs them more money. Solid customer service skills elevate drivers to top-tier status, bringing in more income. 

Thus, drivers who are courteous riders will earn additional pay in the form of tips.

Manage Expenses

Finally, manage the expenses associated with driving for Uber. Drivers who earn higher pay will not feel it if they forget to manage their expenses.

For example, negotiate insurance rates and invest in technology that makes giving ridings more efficient. In addition, invest in equipment that keeps vehicles cleaner and regular vehicle maintenance.

Also, obey traffic laws to avoid getting pulled over and incurring expensive traffic violation tickets and driver’s license points. 


Making more money as an Uber driver requires some strategizing. It also requires staying on top of vehicle maintenance and providing service with a smile.