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How to leverage QR codes for cashless tipping

QR code payment systems paved the way for cashless transactions to prosper. These QR codes are now used by most for purchases and settling bills.

Recently, more industries have also begun using QR codes for tips, making it possible to continue the gratuity custom amid the transition into cashless transactions.

The unspoken rule of tipping is that the bigger the tip, the better service you’ll experience next time, but etiquette experts suggest a 15% to 20% tip for most services.

That’s a lot of money and can be a minor problem, especially for those who don’t like bringing huge cash around. But with QR codes, customers can leave tips in just one scan.

Anyone can now easily create QR codes using the best QR code generator online tool. Businesses can make customized tipping QR codes to match their brand visuals.

How do you make a QR code for tips, and how can you use these properly? Read below to find out.

How does a QR code for tips work?

QR codes for giving tips facilitate customers’ sending and receiving tips for well-done service performed by a business or a person.

You must have an e-wallet account to create a QR code for tips. Some examples are Apple Pay, Paypal, Venmo, and GrabPay.

With Paypal, for instance, you can get your PayPal.Me link from your account. Customers can send you money using the link instead of your number.

But sending links can be inconvenient. To simplify the process, you can embed your PayPal.Me link within a URL QR code.

Scanning the code will lead your customers and clients to your e-wallet to push through with the sending of tips.

Guides on proper placement of QR codes for giving tips

Street Musicians

Street musicians can integrate their talent tips with QR codes. Since these musicians will be performing in the streets, printing a large QR code for giving tips would be best for the crowd to scan from a distance.

Place it beside you as you perform, and make sure to put a CTA for people to know the QR code’s purpose.


Print a QR code for tips on your customers’ bills or official receipts so they can send a separate payment for their tips.

Be sure to also place it on the counter or at each table to make it visible to customers.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops usually place tip jars on counters, but you can add a printed QR code to cater to online payors with no cash.

Here’s a tip: make sure to use high-contrast colors for your QR code so it will stand out, making it easier for people to notice it.


Place your QR codes on the back portion of your seat so back passengers can have a clear view of your QR code.

You can also place one in front of the passenger seat.

Salons and spas

Most people believe that employees working at salons and spas deserve tips. So, if you own one, you can take advantage of this mindset.

Have your QR codes for tips placed on your counter or in each room for customers to notice and make it accessible for those who want to send tips.

The more frequently they see your QR code, the more invited they are to give tips.


Your waitstaff attends to customer needs all the time. You can provide them with QR codes where customers can send them tips.

Set up your employees’ PayPal accounts into a URL QR code and have them printed on their shirts or tags so whenever a customer wants to tip them, it goes directly to their e-wallets.

It builds trust between you and your customers because they are sure their tips go to the server.

Quick tips to customize an attractive QR code

  1. Don’t invert colors; the background should always be lighter
  2. Avoid using contrasting colors; it will make your QR code unattractive
  3. Don’t use the same color for the background and the foreground; it will be hard to detect by scanners
  4. Put a compelling CTA such as “Scan to tip” or “Tip here”

Make tip-giving convenient and fast

You can still send and collect tips despite the absence of onhand cash.

Cashless transactions may have overtaken the payment systems, but integrating QR codes will make tip-giving or tip-receiving adapt to these changes.

This innovative yet easy-to-use tool will be very beneficial, and with QRTIGER, you can easily make one for your business.

Check out the best QR code generator and make yours now.