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How To Invest In Cambodia’s Affordable Housing Market?

According to Aisa Property Awards, Cambodia’s property market is expected to witness significant growth in 2023 in all property types and segments.

The Cambodian real estate market has a wide range of property types, from affordable housing to high-end luxury properties, so investors can invest in the property they want. The affordable housing market in Cambodia aligns with its risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Since Cambodia is well-notable for its friendly population, cultural landmarks, and beautiful beaches, people find this place an excellent setting to work, retire, or live in. But, a few factors suggested by IPS Cambodia will help you invest in Cambodia’s affordable and ideal housing market, helping foreign and local investors lock in a profitable deal for their real estate investment.

Significance Of Cambodia’s Affordable Housing Market

Affordable housing plans are accessible in Cambodia since the nation is among Southeast Asia’s most emerging real estate markets. You can easily get an approximately 600 sq. ft. apartment for 30,000 to 50,000 USD in Phnom Penh. You may also get the same-priced apartment near Sihanoukville’s beach.

With Cambodia’s tourism growth, the net effect on Cambodia’s economy will be positive. Businesses and companies are expanding, opening employment opportunities for citizens and tourists and investing in affordable housing benefits the young population and people with restricted budget limits.

How To Invest In Cambodia’s Affordable Housing Market?

●    Identifying The Right Location

Investing in the right location at an affordable price may increase the property’s future potential. A professional can suggest the ideal location to invest in and the housing option in demand. Choosing the prime location will help you get the necessary services within your reach.

When the necessary facilities, such as transport services, food points, markets, schools, departmental stores, and other needs are fulfilled in your neighbourhood, it will save you time. You will save travelling time and get everything you need quickly.

Some of the hit locations that cater affordable housing market in Cambodia are – Phnom Penh, Siem Reap Province, Kandal Province, Sihanouk Province, and other cities.

●    Consulting a Local Real Estate Agent

Consulting a local real estate agent has many advantages.

  • Since these experts are knowledgeable about the local market, the demanding housing options, property types, and the best one to invest in, you will get a worthwhile property.
  • Their guidance about the ideal location and which property can give you the potential returns or which option will give you profits will help you invest in the right option.
  • Also, they are well-versed with the local and governmental rules, submission of necessary documents, and help you deal with the owner.
  • You can also get suggestions about the available financial schemes, and they will take you on a tour of the property so that you may know if it suits your demands and needs.

Experts may also negotiate the property amount with the owner on your behalf so that you may get the best price of the housing option. Therefore, investing in and consulting a local agent will help you avoid many issues of buying a property and help you deal with the housing market. The complex investment option in Cambodia’s housing market will become easier when you consult the local real estate agent.

●    Regulatory And Legal Framework

The Cambodian government imposes certain regulatory and legal frameworks, including taxes for the housing market. These rules are mandatory to abide by. People who overlook certain rules have to pay huge fines.

So, checking whether the selected housing option follows the government’s guidelines will help you get a safe property.

●    Property Maintenance And Management

Checking for property maintenance and management is crucial since buying a property may incur huge expenses if overlooked. You must tour the housing option you want to invest in to determine if it is properly managed or needs maintenance.

You may check with the dealer and the owner and inform them about the required maintenance. The maintenance expenses will be saved when it is done before investing in the property, or the owner may adjust the maintenance amount from your rent or other payments.

●    Financing Choices

Cambodia’s banks and local service providers offer many financing choices for investing in the real estate market. You may evaluate all the financing options to determine the interest rates and the best option to save money. A few financing options for the housing market include bank loans, private lending, seller financing, and mortgages.


Cambodia’s housing market is expanding its footprint through affordable plans and straightforward buying options. Evaluating and researching the housing option you are looking for is crucial. Understanding the local market and demanding properties will help you find the best option to invest in the housing market.

A professional real estate service provider- IPS Cambodia, can help you get the right housing option at an affordable price and ensures that its condition is excellent. They will guide you about the best housing option at a prime location, the legal and regulatory framework to abide by, the documents required, and the available finance options.

Although researching, finding, and investing in the affordable housing market in Cambodia is challenging, these experts will make your investment process convenient and straightforward.