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How to Improve Intra-Office Communication

It’s impossible to rush somewhere whenever you need to talk to someone in a vast office. As a result, numerous organizations have created products and technologies to increase intra-office communication. There are many, but here is a handful of the greatest.

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Allow Social Media Use

Employees should be permitted to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn while at work. Twitter functions nearly like a digital pager, allowing individuals to converse instantly. You can organize the individuals you follow into lists, so you never mix up coworkers and clients with your pals outside work. You may interact with employees by creating private pages and groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Alter the privacy settings on your social network so that only people linked with the firm may view your communications.

Yammer is another social media platform you may need to familiarize yourself with. Yammer is a platform similar to Facebook or Google Plus, allowing your workers to communicate privately. Yammer provides a free service with minimal capabilities or a subscription service with additional features.

Integrate a BYOD policy

A BYOD policy allows employees to bring their devices to work. They can exchange phone numbers and interact through text messaging. BlackBerry is expanding into new appliances, and with BBM for Android, you can connect with individuals in your business. You’ll be able to communicate with coworkers and exchange voice messages, documents, and even your screen! It’s not yet accessible, so be sure to check BBM for android online and sign up for a notice to be notified as soon as possible.

A BYOD policy will save your firm a significant amount of money. You won’t have to bother ordering cell phones and signing up for new service and data plans for each. Instead, you can install software and keep your employees up to date with BlackBerry’s Mobile Device Management for their BlackBerry 10 phones. In addition, it’s incredibly secure so that no sensitive corporate information will fall through the cracks.


Skype is one of the most popular services in the world, with over 500 million customers. Skype allows you to communicate with anyone with an internet connection. You may purchase Skype credits and use them like a phone service if they don’t.

Skype allows you to add contacts and hold private conversations with them. You may also organize such chats into groups and have private conversations with several individuals. You may also make free video calls, so if a coworker needs to travel out of town for business, you can still connect with them to show them essential papers.

As if that weren’t enough, Skype also supports Wi-Fi. As a result, you may connect to Skype Wi-Fi in over a million locations globally.

Set Up a Message Board

While this is unconventional, it may also be therapeutic. Having a workplace message board allows employees to express their issues, no matter what they are, anonymously. It may also act as a platform for employees to sell products and schedule events outside the office.

The Basics: Meetings & Email

Meetings are an excellent approach to increasing communication. Meetings will give you a clear picture of what is happening in the organization. Other staff can also ask you questions. A regular weekly meeting, such as every Friday at 3 p.m., will offer staff something to look forward to.

An email has been around for decades and is not going away anytime soon. For a good reason, it is still the most popular tool for office communication. You work on each other’s time through email. If the other person does not have time to answer, they can do so later. For those that get flustered quickly, email is perfect as it allows you to formulate your thoughts before typing anything out.


There are many ways to improve intra-office communication. However, these are just a few recommendations that are not guaranteed to work for your office. Have you tried any of the above? Did they work? If not, what methods did you use?

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