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How to have an Amazing Night in Frankfurt? 5 Things to Do

Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany and one of the most popular cities in Europe, has everything a weary traveler needs. From watering holes of the olden days to the much modern bars and clubs- this place throbs with life, more so at night.

Frankfurt is a college city and the biggest gathering place for expats in Germany. And that makes for a happening nightlife with an eclectic mix of fun-loving and easy-going people.

But it’s not only about them. The city’s history and cultural heritage ensure you’d get your dose of more refined experiences if you want that.

The city has so much to offer even after the sun goes down. Here are 5 of the best among those:

1. Move with the music

Besides being the birthplace of techno, Frankfurt is also connected to the most regal parts of classical music. This is some contrast, but both ends of the spectrum have found their place here and continue to flourish and amaze.

There’sThere’s no shortage of nightclubs in Frankfurt. One of them is La Louve, a great clubbing place full of exquisite EDM, techno, house, and hip-hop music. It’sIt’s intimate in seating arrangements and has floors covered in carpet rather than a huge dancefloor.

If you want live music, a good place to start would be Das Bett. Once a small, cozy music club with 80 seats has changed locations and grown to a 500-seater. Enjoy pure music- live, raw and unedited from seasoned artists from various genres.

If you’re one of those brooding ones that love it slow and passionate, get down to Jazzkeller, a staple jazz place in the city since 1952. It has hosted the game’s biggest legends, Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong, and whatnot. Even now, they have lineups filled with international quality that will force you to sway with the tunes.

2. Become a phantom in the opera

Like the other side of the coin, Frankfurt also has royal blood of classical music cursing throughout its history. Many reputed composers have graced its operas and touched the citizens’ souls, but none more so than the maestro, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Probably it’s his blessing that has retained opera as an artform and entertainment to date, as the country and the city has seen historical shifts and magnanimous changes. The industry survived the tough years and the huge cultural and economic transformations and now has its place in the city’s heart.

So, if you have a night at your disposal, you can get to Oper Frankfurt and enjoy some of the most exquisite operatic performances.

3. A bit theatrical

If you enjoy theater, then Schauspiel Frankfurt is just the perfect place. It has mesmerized audiences for centuries, 1782 to be precise. It has observed changes in venue, artistic movements, and major upheavals of history and incorporated all of them to be the cultural hub it is today.

Their shows are much more modern in sense and sensibility now, provoking thoughts about society, life, and our future, as any good art form should.

Just book a ticket. If you like meaningful entertainment, then you won’t be disappointed.

4. Food that stirs your soul

After getting enough of the metaphysical, it’s time to enjoy something more solid yet similarly satisfactory: great food.

Want recommendations? Try Restaurant Français. It has a Michelin star, so it’s posh and magnificently grand. It has been praised by food critics worldwide for its strong flavors derived from the Haute cuisine of France. But the culinary skills of the chef, Patrick Bittner, make the experience even better.

5. Dance to the end of the night

There are places to go if you want to submit to much more passionate, intimate, and free-flowing things.

Frankfurt has quite a few top-notch options if you are at your wildest best on the dancefloor. Visit ”Frankfurt” to catch the buzz of the town. And if you love your bass, find a way into ”Cocoon Club”, a place designed by Sven Väth, the godfather of European Techno music. This place will rock your bones all night.

And after all the dancing to heat up your soul and your body, you may feel the need to extinguish the fire inside. But, even after all those moves, there may be a bone left that needs attention and love.

Elite services in Frankfurt are always ready to make your night more colorful and draw a finish to the sweltering sweaty session in the bed that started on the dancefloor.


Frankfurt has everything that you’d want for an amazing night. The whole city lights up at night, literally and metaphorically. So, don’t miss out on the experience. Just let yourself go, and you’ll have a night to remember.