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How to get your music on spotify playlists


Spotify is an online music service that enables its users to create and share playlists. Users can listen to any song on the platform, discover new music through a “Discovery” and Radar Release playlists, editorial playlists and other user curator playlists. The service was initially launched in Sweden in 2008 and later expanded to Norway and Finland in 2009, Denmark (2010), France (2011), Spain (2012) and the United Kingdom (2012). It also offers premium subscription services with extra benefits like ad-free listening and offline playback.

Once your song is uploaded to Spotify, you can submit it for playlist consideration.

While you can submit to both, the most important thing to note is the difference between official Spotify playlists and user-curated playlists.

Official Spotify Playlists

Official Spotify playlists are also called Spotify editorial playlists and they are created by Spotify playlist curators, which are on Spotify’s editorial team.

They are updated frequently with new content. Popular examples include: “Today’s Top Hits,” “RapCaviar,” and “Fresh Finds.” These tend to be curated by in-house editors at Spotify before being added as an official playlist on their website.

If you find a Spotify playlist that has a Spotify icon on it and it has a huge amount of followers, it’s most likely an editorial Spotify playlist. There also algorithmic playlists

which are AI generated.

Spotify’s editorial playlists are created by the Spotify staff and can be found within its Discover section where users can listen through hundreds of options depending on their mood or current situation (for example: “Indie Pop Hits” or “Pop Chill”). These playlists are designed specifically with each listener in mind so they’re guaranteed to offer an interesting mix of songs that will appeal to everyone! You can submit your track for playlist consideration via your Spotify for artists account.

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Spotify consists of both official playlists from Spotify and user curated playlists.

The other kind of playlists are user created playlists, which are private people creating their own playlists. User-created playlists are usually divided into music genres like indie pop, or classical music. Some of them are theme related like soundtracks or evening music.

You will have a higher chance of getting your song on a user generated playlists

This kind of playlists are more accessible for artists to submit tracks for a playlist placement.

Unlike editorial playlist submissions which is made via the Spotify for artists dashboard,

Getting on user created playlists is different. basically you have 2 options

You can contact the independently curated playlists or you can use a music submission platform that will in some cases, guarantee a response from the curator.

Bear in mind that in order to get your music on specific playlists, you will need to get a response from the curator. Some of them will respond to you, some of them are unreachable.

If you do decide to do this by yourself, there are a few easy ways to increase your chances of getting into a playlist.

  • Follow the playlist on social media and engage with it regularly
  • Make sure that your song fits the genre of the playlist
  • Keep up with how many followers they have and make sure they aren’t spamming their content too much (if you see this happening, you might want to wait until they don’t have as many flowers anymore before submitting)

When it comes to user playlists, having the name and contact information for that specific playlist editor makes it easier to find him.

When it comes to user playlists, having the name and contact information for that specific playlist editor makes it easier to find out if they follow submissions.

To do so:

  • Use Spotify’s search function and type in “Playlist Editor” (include quotation marks)
  • Look at the results that come up — these are playlists with a dedicated playlist editor. The name of each list will tell you who created it and their contact information is listed on the right side of your screen under “Editors.” If you click on a given editor’s name, there will be more information about them as well as links for submitting new music or requesting features for existing tracks/albums/artists

Be respectful of the playlists you want to be featured on.

  • Make sure your music fits the playlist.
  • Don’t spam the playlist curator with too many requests.
  • Don’t ask for a specific time frame in which you’d like to be featured on their playlists, or a specific number of plays you’d like to receive.
  • Don’t ask for a specific number of followers—not only does this put pressure on the curators’ team, it also puts an unfair burden on them because Spotify is unable to guarantee that your request will be granted.

The more tracks you submit, the higher chances you have of landing on one of these playlists.

If you want your music to be discovered by Spotify users, the more submissions you make, the better your chances of getting on a playlist. The more tracks you submit, the higher your chances are of landing on one of these playlists.

Always do your research on a playlist and make sure your music fits before submitting to it.

  • Make sure the playlist is still active. You should check to see if the playlist has been updated recently, because if it hasn’t been, there’s no guarantee that the curators are still willing to accept new songs.
  • Make sure the playlist isn’t a user curated playlist. User-curated playlists do not require Spotify’s approval process, but they tend to be much less professional than their programmed counterparts and may not have as many followers or subscribers (or reviews).
  • Check out how many followers/subscribers/reviews the list has. If it doesn’t have enough of any of these things, then you might want to reconsider submitting your music—you could be wasting your time!

Playlist curators spend hours creating their playlists, so make sure you are adding value instead of just asking them to add one of your tracks.

Playlist curators are not always looking for new music. They are busy people, and they spend a lot of time on their playlists. They’re

not necessarily looking for new tracks, or same-sounding artists, or similar songs in general.

Playlist curators need to be able to trust that the music you submit will be good enough for them to feature it on their playlist without wasting their time—and yours! Just because a playlist curator has made something like an “Indie Pop” playlist doesn’t mean they want another indie pop artist or band submitting to them; if anything, they might already have too many indie pop bands on their radar!

Instead of sending direct requests asking if your track can go into someone’s playlist (which is not only annoying but also ineffective), make sure that you’re adding value with each submission instead: by sending personalized messages explaining why your music would fit perfectly into one of their playlists – maybe even giving examples of other artists who sound similar; links where fans can listen/watch videos of live performances; links where fans can download free demos (if available).

There are many different ways to submit your music to Spotify playlists

There are many different ways to submit your music to Spotify playlists.

If you want to get your music heard by a large audience and have the opportunity for organic growth, submitting your music directly to Spotify editorial playlists is an excellent way to get started but the chances are slim especially if you are a beginner.

Spotify curates are very attached to their own playlist especially if it’s top spotify playlists. These curators curate content on their own platform that they feel will appeal to their audience and editorial playlists are created by curators who listen and rate tracks based on the quality of the track itself rather than anything else surrounding it (social media following). This method allows for songs with less traditional promotional support or those without any kind of major label backing to still be featured in front of millions of listeners every month.

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If you submit your music to streaming services, and your own tracks are on Spotify, getting your music on Spotify playlists will boost your Spotify’s account. if your music is still unreleased music, use a digital distribution company to get it out there.