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How to Get Salesforce Admin Certification in 2023

Upskilling and upgrading can change the trajectory of one’s life for the better. This is what Salesforce certifications offer many professionals and nonprofessionals alike. Salesforce has given them leverage to thrive in their respective career settings, such that a Salesforce admin today earns about $81,000 a year. And that makes it one of the most lucrative jobs today. But before you become a Salesforce admin, you must acquire the Salesforce admin certification. Here is how.

What is Salesforce Admin Certification?

A Salesforce admin helps the company better understand and utilize the CRM platform. They do this by partnering with other stakeholders in the company to customize the software for the organization’s personal use. Thus, the Salesforce Admin certification is needed to position yourself as one who has mastered the CRM tool and can deploy it for effective use in any organization that hires you. 

The certification is given after taking a professional test/exam. However, there are 3 layers of certification you can opt for based on your expertise in the field and your level of experience over the years in Salesforce: Associate (ACSA), Professional (PSA), and Architect (ACAA). Irrespective of which you decide to go for, one thing is certain: most companies require the certification before they hire you as a Salesforce admin professional working for them. Thus, your best bet is to get one by passing the Salesforce admin certification examination. 

Advantages of the Salesforce Admin Certification

  • Improves your salary range

As noted earlier, your salary range drastically increases once you have the Salesforce Admin certification. And this means that you would join the league of professionals globally who earn between $78,000 and $92,000 in a year. 

  • Increases your job range

First, you would have more prospects in your job search. Many companies are in search of expert Salesforce administrators. Thus, you have a higher chance of getting a job anywhere. This is because of the versatility of the Salesforce administrator’s job. It can be used in any organization, both small and large. 

  • Helps you to learn at your own pace

One merit of taking the Salesforce Admin certification is that there are many Salesforce training institutes to choose from, including CRS Info Solutions, Jan Bask, Jeet Singh, Udemy, Trailhead, etc. These institutes give you the option to learn remotely from anywhere in the world. Thus, you have access to self-paced tutoring.

How to pass the Salesforce Admin certification examination

Passing the Salesforce Admin certification is the rubicon every Salesforce Admin has got to cross. And below are a few tips on how to pass the examination and get the certification. 

  • Start and finish your online course

At the base of scaling the certification exam is finishing the certification course from any of your preferred training institutes or online course repository. And this course is usually available in a self-paced format. So, you can take it at your comfort. 

  • Look through the study guide and other material

During and after your training, other materials are usually shared to aid your preparation and interviews for the certification exam, as well as your job search, respectively. Leverage them. 

  • Practice projects and case studies

Some projects will be presented during your learning journey. Practice with those projects to understand real-life scenarios in Salesforce Admin’s day-to-day job. You will need this experience when you land a job.

  • Take the examination

Having done everything above, you can take the certification examination with a high chance of success. You will be given 60 questions to attempt in 105 minutes. And you must meet the 65% passing grade. Together with the certification exam, an individual is need to prepare for Salesforce interview questions, which will be answered based on an evaluation of the candidate’s real-world performance.

You can take your career to the next level today by leveraging Salesforce Admin certification. The tips highlighted above will give you a clear map towards achieving this. Leverage them today!