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How to Find Location by Phone Number For Free

Did you know that you can find location by phone number for free? Technology has evolved rapidly, and parents can install cell phone tracking software and use it to monitor their kids. Even married couples can track their spouses’ locations if they suspect they are cheating on them. What’s more, employers can locate their employees’ phone numbers to ensure they do their work in the field. Essentially, modern digital technology provides the flexibility and capability to track somebody differently.

Perhaps, tracking a phone is something you’ve only seen in movies. However, many people use phone tracking apps to locate their loved ones. To some people, using this technology is convenient and comfortable. However, knowing family members’ exact location is essential, especially with high crime rates. Also, you get peace of mind knowing where your kids are, and nothing harms them.

However, even fraudsters and enemies can use tracking technologies to obtain materials and data for blackmail purposes. Some businessmen have been subject to hacker attacks by criminals who use this technology to gather information. Therefore, using VPS to protect your information may be a perfect solution to this problem. That way, you can encrypt your data from malicious intruders.

Can You Find Someone’s Location by a Cell Phone Number? 

Yes. You can use a free lookup service to find location by phone number. Some of these services are available on app stores and the internet. Perhaps, you’re wondering whether this technology works. Some people think it’s a hoax, while some claim that this technology works.

Using a random website to track location may not be a wise idea. That’s because you might get inaccurate results. And even if you get accurate results, experts don’t recommend this option. Some websites are malicious and deceiving. Consequently, you might expose personal information or details about a loved one to criminals if you use them.

Therefore, using a reputable third-party application or website to find someone’s location is the best way to track a cell phone number. You can currently find many cell phone tracking apps from which to choose the one to use. Nevertheless, take the time to select a reliable and effective phone locator.

Also, some applications allow you to find location by phone number of a person without their knowledge. For instance, if you get missed calls from a phone number you can’t identify, such services can help you know the caller. As a parent, you might also notice that your kid’s phone has unsaved numbers in the call logs and want to identify the callers. In such cases, an application that allows you to find a cell phone number’s location can help.

The best tracker will help you find the target device succinctly. However, you may want to purchase a new smartphone to enhance the effectiveness of your preferred phone tracking tool.

Methods to Track Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number 

Maybe you’ve been receiving calls from phone numbers you want to track. Perhaps, you don’t like receiving spam calls or getting unknown phone numbers in your call logs. Regardless of your situation, modern technology enables you to look up such numbers and trace their origin. Some applications allow you to get details of the caller and take your preferred action depending on whether it’s your personal life or business. 

Ideally, you can use several techniques to track someone’s cell phone. Most people use a reverse cell phone lookup service. However, such a service has limitations. For instance, it only shows the general location, which can be inaccurate.

If you want to receive real-time results, you can use GPS and IMEI call trackers to track a phone’s location. Here are additional techniques for monitoring someone’s location by cell phone number.

1. Use a Native Phone Locator 

Native tracking software for a mobile device or computer provides the easiest way to track a phone number. Apart from being convenient and accessible, a native phone locator is free. If you have a modern iOS and Android phone, it has a native locator app. The primary purpose of this app is to locate a stolen or lost phone. Nevertheless, you can also use it to find your loved one’s location.

Find My Device for Android 

Using Find My Device enables you to track a cell phone remotely if you have an Android device. This Google Play Protect component secures Android phones from unauthorized access and malicious applications. But it works on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and later versions.

Here’s how to download Find My Device: 

  • Search “Find My Device” in Google Play Store
  • After that, tap the app, download, and install it
  • Use your Google account to sign in to the app
  • Allow the application to access the location, ensuring that your device has an internet connection
  • Track your device and use other features to erase its data remotely or lock it

To enhance accuracy, switch to the Indoor Maps when finding someone’s location in an enclosed area. A user can lock or erase the phone with custom numbers and messages on a mobile phone’s lock screen.

Find My iPhone for iOS

As the name suggests, this app runs on iPhones, enabling users to track devices’ location, erase data, and lock the phone if it has an internet connection. In iOS, Find My iPhone is inbuilt, meaning users don’t have to download it.

Here’s how to activate Find My iPhone for iOS: 

  • Navigate to the settings
  • Click on Apple ID and your name at the top
  • Click iCloud
  • Click Find My iPhone and activate it

After that, you can use iCloud.com to track the phone or log into your iCloud ID with another iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

2. Download GEOfinder.mobi (Third-Party App)

GEOfinder is another app you can use to find location by phone number. It works for iPhone and Android, helping users target and locate devices by proving their phone numbers. This service is available on GEOfinder.mobi. Here, you enter the target device’s phone number to track its location. Also, you can download this GPS phone tracker from Google Play Store.

The best phone tracker app without permission will take you to a page with limited information and encrypted location details. Continuing further requires you to create an account. Pay for the service after creating the account to track somebody’s location using a phone number.

You can access and log into your account after paying for the service. With that, you can track your teen’s or lover’s location using GEOfinder. Ideally, you send the target phone a message from the app.

The message will seem like the system generated it. Therefore, the target individual won’t suspect anything and will grant the app location access permission. While you can change the pre-filled Text Message and Sender fields, it’s better to leave them. If you edit the text message, don’t remove the %link% section at the message’s end. After that, enter the target’s phone number and send the SMS.

The system generates a location tracking text every three hours for security purposes. Therefore, enter the target person’s phone number accurately. GEOfinder will send the target’s cell phone with the system as the sender. You can update the app to enhance the accuracy of the GPS location.

The recipient must click on the provided link in the message to share their location via GEOfinder. You won’t get their spot if the target doesn’t click on the link by mistake or intentionally. Therefore, ensure the person clicks on the link by all means.

3. Use an IMEI Tracker 

IMEI phone number tracking is convenient and fuss-free that anybody can do. The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity refers to a 15-digit number that you can use to find a stolen or lost phone.

Follow these steps to identify a mobile device’s IMEI: 

  • Navigate to the Settings
  • Click General and then About
  • Navigate to check your device’s IMEI and write it somewhere

Alternatively, dial *#06# on your device.

To locate a device using IMEI, you might need your cell phone’s provider’s assistance. Share your IMEI with them and allow them to track your device. The phone provider might require you to wait for days or hours.

Alternatively, you can download the IMEI tracker app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Also, you can use a web-based app that doesn’t require downloading to use. Nevertheless, ensure that the app doesn’t require you to share excess personal information.

4. Search via WhitePages

Searching via WhitePages should be your last resort when finding a phone’s location. Ideally, this service enables you to locate the real-time site of a person. It’s suitable for identifying a person’s present address.

Please enter the phone number on the WhitePages to track their home address. This service tracks down a person’s profile to reveal their details legally and securely, but many people associate this service with the SS7 network. Thus, if you make a query, it goes via the SS7 networks with the information stored against that particular phone number.


How do you get the location of any phone number on Google Maps?

Google doesn’t record a phone number location. Instead, it locates a physical address. Therefore, non-law enforcers can only track a cell phone by installing a third-party application and permitting it. But if you have the phone number in your current Google Contacts, you can find location by phone number using their address on Google Maps by searching their name.

How can I track a person’s location when they call me?

You can use IMEI and a GPS tracker to locate the phone calling you. However, you can also use third-party apps to find a person’s location if they connect their device to the internet. With the proper application, getting the GPS coordinates of the calling device takes seconds.

Some apps allow users to track phone numbers by WhatsApp messages and SMSs. However, most of these apps can only monitor the individuals you know. Thus, a parent can use these apps to ensure their peace of mind by knowing the location of their family members.