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How To Find Custom Packaging For Clothing Manufacturer?

Custom packaging is packaging that is built specifically for a company’s needs and a particular product for the end-user. Custom packaging is an amazing and affordable method to not only wow your customers but also have a lasting impact on your business. Custom packaging encompasses a variety of materials, such as boxes, mailers, cushioning, tapes, strapping, displays, etc., to safeguard your value and help you create a distinctive representation of your business.

Many companies still ship their products in basic cardboard boxes nowadays. However, having unique packaging helps your business stand out in a sea of plain boxes. Just as crucial as the contents of the package is the packaging you choose to utilise. Details about the top companies that offer custom packaging will be included in this article.

Top 6 Manufacturers of Custom Boxes and Packaging

The top 6 businesses that we suggest if you need custom boxes or packing for your company are listed below.


Based on the demands of your business, Arka offers bespoke custom printed packaging. Their website claims that they provide the lowest minimums, the best rates, the best materials, and the best customer service.

Depending on the item you need to ship, Arka has poly mailers, shipping boxes, cartons, mailer boxes, tape, and other accessories.

Seam Apparel

For all of your apparel production requirements, Seam Apparel is a specialist in creating unique packaging bags for t-shirt manufacturer USA. At the most affordable costs, Affix Apparel can create custom apparel packaging bags that meet your specifications. Depending on a manufacturer’s needs, apparel packaging bags can be produced in every size imaginable.

The good news is that there are many companies that provide clothing products with bespoke packaging bags made to meet certain specifications, allowing you to get the most out of your product’s packaging.

In recognition of the value of personalised garment bags, Affix Apparel provides a wide variety of packaging choices for textile producers. Give your clothes line a fresh character by having bespoke packaging manufactured at the best pricing.

The Custom Boxes

For clients in a variety of industries, The Custom Boxes offers specialised packaging options. They provide packaging for many items, including cosmetics, blister cards, wine boxes, cereal boxes, eco-friendly boxes, gold and silver metallicized boxes, and many more.

Filling out a form with your desired box style, material, number, and colours is all that is required to place an order. After collecting your artwork, a company representative will get in touch with you with a price quote.

Although urgent shipping is available for a speedier response, The Custom Boxes typically ships between 8 to 10 business days.


Starting a small business, running a medium-sized company, or running a major corporation can be made simple with Refine Packaging’s online design and ordering tool for economical packaging. The company offers no-cost quotations, cheap order minimums, free design assistance, affordable prices, and top-notch customer care.

The company creates custom packaging boxes for a wide range of industries and box types, including product boxes, eco-friendly shipping boxes, corrugated cartons, custom packaging for clothing, boxes, mailer boxes, and much more, all of which can be viewed on their website.


In order to distribute unique boxes, Packlane offers bespoke packing. In addition to live design previews and rapid pricing for special orders, they provide a custom design studio.

Mailer boxes, folding cartons, and shipping boxes are the three packaging kinds offered by Packlane, and they can accommodate most product types. To make your colours and trademarks stand out, they provide CMYK full-color printing. The pricing won’t go up based on how many colours or graphics you use.

Depending on what you’re shipping, you can select from a wide range of different materials for your box. Corrugated cardboard, paperboard of any thickness, and boxes in a variety of colours are all available from Packlane.

Sticker Mule

Custom poly mailers and stickers are the company’s specialties. Their mailers are lightweight, inexpensive, and water-resistant. They collaborate with well-known businesses such as Netflix, Uber, Shopify, PayPal, Facebook, and Mailchimp.

Free artwork assistance, free shipping, free proofs, and a quick turn-around for orders are all provided by Sticker Mule. You can use the unique templates they provide for their mailers, labels, and stickers to make your own artwork.

The order will be sent to you by Sticker Mule in four days, which is the greatest part and is difficult to match. Regardless of order amount, shipping is generally free. It’s simple to receive a refund or have your item redone without additional cost if you’re not satisfied with it.

Final Words

We have reviewed the top bespoke packaging manufacturers, this summary will assist you in locating a business that satisfies both your design requirements and your financial constraints.