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How to fill in text in PDF ?

How to fill in text in PDF? Application and notification forms for government agencies, administration, social insurance, taxation, etc. are now distributed in PDF format , if you display such a PDF form on a computer screen and fill in the application and Notice the details , it will be much more efficient than printing the PDF on paper and handwriting the letter , this article shares the method of Fill in text in PDF for you.

Fill Text In PDF _ _ _

previous method

Convert to Word and fill in

“Word 2013 can open and edit files saved as PDF” .

Use form functions

“Acrobat uses the table function. You can also enter characters in a file edited using the table function of the viewing software Adobe Reader. You cannot save a PDF file with Adobe Reader, but you can print a PDF file of the entered data.

Convert PDF to image and enter text

“If you open a PDF file with the image editing software ‘Photoshop Element’, it is converted into image data, so you can enter text there as well. The same goes for ‘Easy text input to PDF’ on Media Drive.”

Typewriter and Notes

“Using Acrobat’s typewriter function or PDF viewer software that can write PDF files” .

PDF Editing (Retouching) Features

“Using Acrobat’s touch-up features or PDF editing software’s editing features to change text” .

Problems with previous methods

The previous methods presented above have many limitations , which are summarized in the table below . In either method, it is not possible to write characters and graphics in a free layout in an existing PDF.

method limited
Convert to Word and fill in If the PDF has security such as no editing, it cannot be converted.
For example, converting a PDF to a Word document changes the appearance of the document.
Use form functions Form functions (place to fill, etc.) need to be prepared in advance in the PDF. Free additions are not possible.
Older versions of Adobe Reader cannot save information entered in forms as PDFs.
There is very little freedom to change the font and character size.
It cannot be used as a printed manuscript for commercial printing.
Typewriter and Notes Cannot be used if security measures such as no editing are applied to the PDF.
Difficulty aligning characters in input boxes.
The degree of freedom in font changes, font size changes, etc. is low.
It cannot be used as a printed manuscript for commercial printing.
PDF editing function (mainly modifying text/modifying objects) If the PDF has security such as no editing, it cannot be edited.
The appearance of characters before and after writing may change.
Retouching is limited to local corrections. When the number of characters of the input text is large, or when free layout such as images and texts is difficult.

“AbcdPDF Online PDF Editor ” – dedicated PDF editing tool

Online PDF ” that integrates multiple functions and handles PDF freely like paper. Editor ” .

Text and graphics can be placed anywhere in the PDF.
There is a function to perfectly align character size and position in the input frame.
Date stamps, stamps, photos, etc. can be placed freely. It is also very useful as a drawing tool and layout tool.
Once you use it, you will not be able to go back to your old handwriting.


How to fill in text in PDF? This article introduces you to several methods of inserting text in PDF format files, and finally we feel that “Online PDF” on the AbcdPDF platform Editor ” is the ideal tool, and it’s free.