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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Couch with Proper Cleaning and Maintenance?

As opposed to other things in your house, a couch is a long-term investment. It is great for many activities, including reading, lounging, and even napping. Thus, because of its utility, people always buy quality pieces that will last a long time. But also because of its multi-use, your couch is prone to damage easily. If you notice your couch looking uglier by the day, it is time to call Couch Cleaning Services Adelaide.

Cleaning the couch can provide your couch with a lot of benefits. The couch becomes neat and hygienic, and the process increases the indoor quality of air. But more importantly, giving your sofa a deep clean can get rid of the damage that hampers its quality. You can feel a significant increase in the lifespan of your couch after the services tidy it.

If you are curious about how to extend the couch’s lifespan properly, you can refer to the expert tips below.

Tips for Maintaining a Leather Couch

As outstanding asset is to have a leather couch, it is even more difficult to clean it. Leather can be high maintenance. But if you follow certain tips religiously, your couch will last for more than the usual period. Some of these are, as provided by the Leather Sofa Cleaning Adelaide experts:

  • Leather has different types of grains, which is the natural texture on the hide’s surface. The grains usually give the couch strength to repel dirt and grime. But once the dust and debris get stuck on the couch, it decreases the quality and damages the look. Thus, regular dusting will get rid of the loose particles on the sofa.
  • Too much sun is not good for your leather couch. Exposing your couch to the sun will fade the leather, dry it out or both. Ensure that the couch is away from direct sunlight – and if it gets intense light, shift it immediately. This will protect your leather couch from easy damage.
  • Instead of resorting to home remedies, always use products designed to clean leather. You can buy quality leather cleaners and conditioners to maintain the sofa’s lustre.

But the most helpful tip for cleaning your couch is to let the Leather Sofa Cleaning Adelaide experts handle it. They use efficient treatments to clean the leather while saving you time and money.

Tricks to Clean a Fabric Couch

A fabric sofa is a broad term for couches with different fabrics. Your fabric sofa can be made of linen, cotton, wool and nylon, among others. These are durable, comfortable and cost-effective. But this type of couch can attract allergens and retain damage. If you wish to restore your fabric sofa’s earlier charm, here are some tricks by Lounge Services Adelaide:

  • Sunlight also affects fabric couches, though not as much as leather sofas. The experts advise you to put sofas in sunlight only when the couch is wet and needs to dry out. Move it away as soon as it is dry to avoid further damage.
  • There are many reasons for a fabric couch to wear down. Not vacuuming your sofa, sitting in one spot, using the wrong cleaner – all these can wear and tear down your sofa. A good way to avoid it is to set a fixed cleaning timeline. This way, you can ensure that it is clean and keeps you company for a long while.
  • The sofa fabrics are more breathable than the leather. While it makes the couch cosy, it also becomes a place to store dust mites, dander and dirt. This can reduce the sofa’s lifespan by a considerable amount. The only remedy is to get a cleaning treatment done by Lounge Cleaning Services Adelaide.

Since cleaning is the best way to extend your couch’s lifespan, you should hire the experts. It’s the most effective way to keep your fabric couch clean.

In addition to these tips, you can also take some preventive measures to protect your couch better. It will help if you act fast whenever there is visible damage to your couch. Even if it adds more to your chores, make sure to have a couch-cleaning routine in your schedule.

But if you need a hassle-free and affordable way to get a healthier sofa, you must call Couch Cleaning Adelaide Services.