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How to Design Your Restaurant to Attract More Customers

Three things make a good restaurant- food, cleanliness, and ambience. You may have good food and cleanliness, but if the décor of your restaurant does not make people want to sit there and enjoy their food in comfort, then your restaurant will simply tank. If you want to sell more and attract repeat customers you need to plan the way you design and decorate your restaurant. Due to the advent of various online food delivery services, people have stopped going to restaurants just for food- if you want them to come to yours, then you need to do something more than just make good food. This article will help you and inspire you to make your restaurant more fancy through the means of various design tips that will attract more customers.

Consider Concepts and Themes

Instead of making your restaurant a hodgepodge of various design elements, try to come up with a theme or a concept that will guide your design choices. For instance, if you want to go with an Italian theme, you can try picnic print tablecloths along with rustic walls. For a typical Indian restaurant, you can try tapestries and rich tablecloths. Chinese or Asian restaurants can have dragons and similar Asian themes. But these are just the basic themes, you can also choose something wilder such as a book café, a restaurant inspired by your favourite fantasy series or sci-fi movie, or a restaurant with live pets- all these choices can work quite well. Most of these will work as small restaurant design but you can also make them grander for bigger establishments.

Colour Code

Colours serve aesthetic as well as psychological purposes. Specific colours evoke specific emotions. Instead of choosing a random colour palette for your restaurant, try using colour psychology to choose them in a better manner. Restaurants should generally use colours such as purple, green, red, orange, brown, blue, and yellow. But don’t use all of them together! You can use white for small restaurant design as it will make your place look more spacious.

Add Another Dimension to Your Restaurant With 3D Tiles

Do try to incorporate something out of the box in your restaurant interior design. 3D tiles can add wonders to the aesthetics of your place and will make it look grand and stunning. As mentioned above, 3D tiles can add another dimension to your walls and turn your restaurant into the talk of the town.

Lay out the Layout

The layout of a restaurant serves two purposes- aesthetic and practical. With rising property prices, you want to use all the space that you can without cramping or crowding it. Decide the seating arrangement of your restaurant. If your restaurant is supposed to be a fine dining place, you cannot afford to make it very crowded. Choose if you want outdoor seating or not. Having a waiting area is necessary, especially if you have a big restaurant and if you are expecting a lot of crowds.

HVAC is Essential

HVAC i.e., heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are three crucial aspects to make your restaurant comfortable. These services are necessary, especially if your restaurant is in a place with a fickle climate. Customers would want to flock to your restaurant if they feel at ease and would want to stay longer too.

Don’t Take Lights Lightly!

Lighting cannot be ignored in a restaurant. Lights are not just for illumination, but they can also be used to set the tone of the place. Red lights are the most suitable lights for a restaurant as they create a sense of intimacy. According to psychology, the colour red makes people hungry- a plus point for any restaurant owner. You can make the place look more aesthetic using candles, tealights, and rice lights. Try to make your restaurant feel intimate and natural and not sterile and artificial.

God of Small Things

Paying attention to small things can earn you large benefits. Focus on the small details such as shelves, plants, pictures on the walls, pendants and chandeliers, mirrors, and all other little accessories that can make your restaurant unique. You can also experiment with serving and dining ware, cutlery, glasses, table mats, and more!

The customer is the King

The customer is the king and always has been. Keep your target audience always in focus while planning your restaurant. Imagine and chalk out what they would like and what they would not. You may also use the help of a test audience or customer base to see if they like your additions or not.

Doing a property search online, finding a best location and designing a restaurant is as crucial as planning out a good menu and cooking good food. These ideas will surely help you make your restaurant a grand success.

Author Bio:

Isha Tandon has worked within the architecture and interior design industry as a flooring consultant expert – specializing in tiles, stones, and terrazzo. She has worked with Orientbell Limited, a leading tile manufacturer in India, as a product development manager in the design team and has recently joined the marketing team as their digital content expert. Her experience comes in handy in understanding the audience as she creates value-driven functional & informational content for the readers. She creates lifestyle pieces that focus on interior design products, trends, and processes. She loves to travel to historic places with rich architecture.