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How to Design the Best Table Banner for an Event

A unique way to convey your business’s professionalism and build brand recognition is by using table banners with imprinted logos. Today, we not only associate branding as a means to identify and differentiate a company’s goods, but we also look up to it and judge whether it delivered the promise it made when the products or services were launched. So, to create a good image, a brand needs a good marketing tool, and table banners can be one of them. But the design of these banners needs to create a stir among the onlookers.

To create an attractive table banner layout, one must possess a basic knowledge of certain things. This article will clearly state all that you need to know about designing a table banner.

What should your table banner include?

  • Visible and legible test

It comes at the top of the list. While deciding on this feature, look for the perfect font along with the correct size (which will depend on the size of the banner). Some preferred fonts are Georgia, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Calibri, etc. Try to avoid ornamental fonts as they cannot be read from afar. But since it’s a table banner you are thinking of designing, and the visitors will be able to get a closer look at it, you can give the cursive fonts a try. But remember; provide the main info in a much bigger and legible text.

  • Logo

The second thing you must consider is to fit your company’s logo in a coherent way. You can easily customize table banners with logo from any reputable banner printing company. The logo is like the identity of your brand. Its presence on a banner is a must.

  • A focused message

Well, there’s no extra space on a table banner to include not-so-important details. Only stick to want you absolutely need to convey. Use relevant images as it has been seen that humans tend to retain more information when specific information is paired with an image.

  • Use the color psychology

The use of brighter colors elicits more enthusiasm from viewers, and thus their participation level also increases. Apply this color psychology.

While selecting the background color, opt for solid colors. You can even include a photo as the backdrop of your table banner.

  • Limit the text

The lesser the text, the more the impact! The maximum you can use is five lines to communicate a message. The main information should be written in a single sentence (or maybe two at the most). For the rest, a handful of words are sufficient.

  • A balanced layout

A banner has limited space, and you must utilize it to the fullest. But at the same time, you must also see to it that your table banner contains the key elements like the brand’s logo, the main idea (in one or two lines), and the call to action (CTA). All of these together should have a balanced appearance in the banner.


Once you have figured out all these things, you will have a clear notion of how to design a table banner efficiently to make it work as an effective marketing tool.