Connecting JBL speakers to iPhone can be done in 5 easy ways that you will learn in this article; however, you might also face some problems while connecting your JBL speakers to an iPhone, so I will address those potential problems.

Now without making you wait further, let’s dive deeper into the topic and learn how to connect your JBL speakers to iPhone, what potential problems can arise while establishing a connection between them and how to tackle those problems.

5 steps to connect Jbl speakers to iPhone

You can connect your JBL speakers in five steps to an iPhone; remember that these steps are easier; however, sometimes they can become more complicated when both or either of the two devices fails to establish a connection.

1.  Power JBL speaker

In this step, you must first locate the power button on your speakers, which is usually designed with a circle and a line in the middle. To turn speakers on, hold and press the power button for a few seconds until you see an LED light start flashing.

2.  Enable Bluetooth

Now that you have powered speakers, the next step is putting them on pairing mode. Once you put your speakers on pairing mode, ensure that your iPhone can find and pair with it.

3.  Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone

First, unlock your iPhone, go to settings, and enable Bluetooth. It’s a simple task that you can also do in another way. Just go to the quick access panel and then click on the Bluetooth icon. This will make sure the Bluetooth drive is in search of pairing with another external device.

4.  Select JBL speakers on your iPhone

Before reaching this step, you should have ensured that your JBL speakers are powered on and Bluetooth is enabled; furthermore, make sure that Bluetooth on your iPhone is also turned on. Once you clear the previous three steps, scan for available devices on your iPhone.

If your speakers are in pairing mode, your iPhone should detect it, then tap on the device name and it should show “connected” in front of the device you want to connect with.

5.  Play Music

Considering that you have connected JBL speakers to your iPhone, you can now play music on your iPhone to see if it works or not. If it works, then congratulations, but if it’s not working, read the section below.

Sounding error

Sometimes you successfully connect JBL speakers to the iPhone, but they fail to work in such scenarios; you can either restart your iPhone or JBL speakers or both and then again re-connect both devices. This trick, most of the time, works.

Other pairing issues include low battery, faulty power button, presence of other devices, and more distance between devices you want to connect via Bluetooth.

Avoid pairing issues: pairing tips.

By following the three tips below, you can avoid potential issues that can stop your device from pairing with other devices.

  • Ensure that your device’s history of pairing with other devices is clear.
  • Keep both devices closer to each other; this will make sure that there is no interference
  • Avoid connecting JBL speakers to iPhones if many other devices are available in pairing mode.