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How to choose the best ping pong paddle?

Ping pong or table tennis is a fast-paced, exciting tabletop game played worldwide and provides hours of fun for two players. You can set the right ping pong paddle by assessing your play style, using different materials, and searching out what feels best in your hand. Below is a blog article we are giving tips on buying the best ping pong paddle.

Tips for Choosing a Paddle Type

Choose a Grip That Suits You.

The type of grip is an important factor to consider before buying a Ping-Pong paddle. It all depends on your play style and selecting a paddle that fits in your hand, like gloves, that will influence your performance. Most players prefer to shake hand grip, and some choose a pin hold grip. A paddle is designed in a way that fits your hand.

Shake hand grip takes its name from holding your play hand to shaking hands with someone you just met and pin hand grip in which the handle is gripped between thumb and forefinger. A shake hand grip will allow you to play with more force and spin on the ball, while the pen hand grip gives your hand natural, quick, bruising strokes.

Start With a Cheap Paddle

It is wise to choose the cheapest paddle if you don’t know how to play and are just learning. Use basic paddles made of wood and plastic: they don’t offer any frills in terms of function. They work best for you if you are learning, and there is no need to spend a lot of money on expensive paddles that you cannot take advantage of.

Select a Ready-Made Commercial Paddle

You can visit a sporting goods shop and stroll into the tabletop section, where you can find a variety of packaged ping pong paddles. They are made with the same dimensions materials and unsophisticated rubberized surface layer. Commercial paddles are not expensive and are sold in pairs or sometimes with Ping-Pong balls.

Select Competition Paddle

You can pick up competition-grade paddles because they are made of 85% natural wood, so they are heavy. You can play with intense by having commercial paddles as they use rubbers and adhesives of higher quality.

Search for a Reliable Paddle Surface

Choose Rubberized Paddles

Always buy ping pong paddles with rubber on one side, at least. A thin rubber sheet is attached to the Ping-Pong paddle’s flat surface, giving you more control over the ball. If you play with many spins that change the speed and direction of the ball, then you should choose a good grip and rubber paddle. Many Ping-Pong paddles are rubberized, but their quality and durability matter a lot.

Check the Rubber Textures

It would be best if you played with textured paddles to change the style of ball handling. There are different rubber textures like pimples, dimples, or waffling: moreover, all of these have great grip on the ball and stick when it makes contact. Textured paddles make a great difference for competitors if they want swiftness in the game. Many players used spin techniques, so deep textures are not suggested.

Consider the Thickness of the Rubber Sponge You Want

Before buying the best ping pong paddle, you should decide what kind of rubber sponge you want, a thicker or thinner. Sponge offers you grip and control on the ball, which lies beneath the rubber to absorb impact. If you choose a thick sponge, it creates a hassle to hit the ball because they are heavy and need more speed. While on the other hand, if you choose the thin rubber sponge, they are lighter in weight, and you have an easy grip and control over the ball. Moreover, it all depends on your choice of what softness and texture of rubber sponge you want.

Choose the Right Paddle For Your Play Style

Choose Your Custom Material

Custom ping pong paddles are based on personal specifications and preferences. Experienced and skilled players pick the custom material that enhances their performance. You can easily customize your paddle by selecting the right kind of wood that narrows down rubber and gives you pace and control in the game.

Different materials are used in constructing paddles, like carbon fibre, which increases the speed and reduces the paddle’s weight. You can choose the ideal paddle for you as much as you play.

Always Choose Paddles with Your Preferred Grip

The ping pong paddles are of the same shape but vary in size, like the width and length of the blade and the design of the handle. Different types of peddles are designed for different play styles. A paddle with a thick and sturdy hand is designed for a classic shake-hand grip that gives authority to stroke. Always select a lighter-weight paddle for the pen hold position because they are narrow Handel and allow fast brushing motions of the wrist. Moreover, an extra wood fin is added around the handle for security purposes in the Pen-hold grip.

Decide Whether You Want Rubber on One or Both Sides

Whether you want rubber only on one or both sides of the paddle is your decision. Select the different textures and thicknesses if you choose rubber on both sides. After selecting both sides’ rubber paddles, you can make different and speedy shots. Competitive players will always choose different rubber paddles for better performance on both sides.

Choose Different Sizes and Weights

You can select different Ping-Pong paddles based on size, shape, and style. Players who choose heavy paddles are quick, and offensive players, who choose lighter ones, are defensive players that control the speed of the ball.


Hence, we learned how to choose an ideal Ping Pong paddle by considering factors like paddle type, surface, and play style. These are three main factors that you should keep in mind before buying.