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How to buy Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile. Your investment may fill your treasury, or the value of your investment may also become less than a single penny. After weighing your risk tolerance level, if you decide to invest in Bitcoin but do not know where and how to begin the investment process, go through this article and learn about the bitcoin investment process

Bitcoin investment may seem complicated initially, but you can easily purchase it by breaking down the investment process into steps. Here is how you can buy Bitcoin just by following four easy steps:

1. Choose a Crypto Exchange: Bitcoin investment requires a crypto exchange where buyers and sellers come together to trade crypto. As Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, all the crypto exchanges available out there list Bitcoin as one of their crypto assets. Make sure you choose an exchange that is easy to use, charges lower fees, and offers higher security. Some leading crypto exchanges are Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, and Gemini.

2. Choose your payment option: Once you decide on the crypto exchange, you need to register yourself on that platform. Signing up on a crypto exchange allows you to buy, sell, trade, and hold cryptocurrency. After signing up, you will have to fund your account to purchase Bitcoin. Depending on the exchange, you may have different funding options, including bank transfers, net banking, Mobikwik, a cryptocurrency wallet, or UPI.

3. Place your order: Once you successfully fund your account, you may place your order to buy Bitcoin just by tapping a button or by entering Bitcoin’s ticker symbol (BTC). Then input the amount you want to invest and complete your transaction.

4. Select a Safe Storage Option: After the successful transaction, you become the owner of the purchased Bitcoin, but you are not done here. You need to store Bitcoin safely in a wallet. Some crypto exchanges have integrated Bitcoin wallets for storing the purchased crypto. However, most people feel uncomfortable leaving their crypto in an exchange’s wallet that is connected to the internet due to security concerns. So they choose a cold storage option for storing their Bitcoin.

You can purchase Bitcoin by following these four easy steps. It is not as complicated as you thought. As you can see, purchasing Bitcoin is easy, but deciding on whether to purchase it or not after considering its high volatility is tough.