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How to be good at product photography?

You will not succeed as an online retailer with only a clear product description. Product photos are also indispensable in your shop. But how do you make these photos look professional? I collected the most useful basic tips for you!

Types of product photography

In addition to a good product description, product images are just as important in your shop. In order to understand which type of images you can best use, it is good to know which types of product photography there are.

1. Packshot Photography

By packshot photography we mean photography where we photograph products against a white background. Placing the image against a white background is also called exempting. In this way, the properties of the product are emphasized with the aim of giving an objective representation of reality.

2. Product Photography

Unlike pack shots, product photography may be decorated with attributes to give the image more atmosphere. As a result, the attractiveness of the photo can be increased and interest can be generated by means of the photo. Make sure that the attributes always match the object and that your product remains the central point in the photo.

3. Still Life Photography

Still life photography allows the photographer to give free rein to his creativity; everything is possible. The composition no longer necessarily has to be calm and the reason why the product is photographed can have a completely abstract relationship with the object. The main purpose of still life photography is to evoke a feeling in the viewer.

So you can see it that still life photography tells a story and evokes a feeling. Product photography and pack shots, on the other hand, mainly provide information about the product. In webshops, product photos/packshots are often used for product overviews because this looks much calmer.

Do you want to let your visitor experience the product? Then still life photography is the way to go. These photos convey a message and are, for example, very suitable for a slideshow on your homepage.

Anyone who thinks that you can only take good product photos with a camera worth thousands of euros is wrong. As long as you don’t want to take photos that have to be larger than A4, all common system cameras and newer smartphones are already suitable. Make sure you have a camera that allows you to manually set the exposure so that you can play with the exposure.

Tips & Tricks

With a number of handy tips and tricks you can quickly lift your product photography to a higher level 🙂

Make sure the colors in the photo match the colors in real life. This way you avoid disappointments (and therefore returns).

In product photography and pack shots, never photograph your product from a ‘creative angle’, but choose an angle from which the proportions appear as realistic as possible.

Use a slower shutter speed for lighter photos (and thus more detail in areas where shadow would normally fall)

Always determine the (main) purpose of your photo: do you want to arouse interest (still life photography) or inform (product/packshot photography)

Always photograph your subject with indirect light