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How Nobul is Protecting Home Buyers

In hindsight, Nobul seems like an inevitability – a real estate digital marketplace that democratizes consumer resources and choice. But then, all disruptive ideas seem inevitable after the fact.

After decades of opaque practices and gatekeeping, the real estate industry was due for a reckoning. And while the industry remained stubbornly (maybe even admirably) indifferent to advancing technology, that tech-phobia was ultimately unsustainable. Times have changed, and consumers expect more from their transactions – whether at the grocery store or an open house.

Nobul was built off of those expectations and frustrations. The company, helmed by real estate and tech expert Regan McGee, was a direct response to consumer dissatisfaction in an opaque industry. And mounting anti-trust and competition regulations pushed the company into the spotlight.

“They created an environment where a company like us could exist,” he told the Globe and Mail. “This is the way everything is going.”

Following the recent announcement that Nobul topped Deloitte’s Fast 50 (the fastest-growing tech companies), now seems like the right time to take a closer look at McGee’s creation. In this article, let’s explore how Nobul protects home buyers through access, choice and empowerment.

Access to Previously Withheld Agent Information

This is arguably what landed Nobul in the news – and what endeared the company to countless home buyers. In the past, it was aggravatingly tricky for a consumer to get straight information on real estate agents. Verified reviews were hard to come by, fee structures and commission rates were often hidden, lists of services weren’t always well advertised, and agent transaction histories were nearly impossible to track down.

Nobul brought all of that information to the masses. A home buyer browsing Nobul to find the right real estate agent can make informed decisions based on hard data and personal criteria. The whole process gets a boost from Nobul’s proprietary AI algorithm, which assigns agents a “match score” based on their relevance to the buyer.

More Choices, More Control

Like all good digital marketplaces, Nobul offers a stunning array of choices. Buyers see all of their options for real estate agents, and can choose from a diverse array. In the real estate industry, that concept alone was disruptive.

Before Nobul, agents were often in charge of buyer qualification and acquisition. A consumer might hear about an agent through word of mouth or a bus ad – but ultimately, the agent was the pursuer. With Nobul, the consumer is in the driver’s seat. Moreover, Nobul makes it possible for agents to bid for a consumer’s business (often through lowered fees and attractive terms). This helps protect the buyer’s interests by ensuring a baseline level of competition and self-improvement in the industry.

Homebuying Resources for Consumer Empowerment

Lastly, Nobul helps protect home buyers by democratizing valuable consumer resources. On Nobul, a buyer will find market conditions indicators, free valuation tools, payment calculators, affordability calculators, house viewing tips and more. These resources empower buyers to make informed decisions, rather than rely on practitioners as the sole form of counsel.

Home buyers can embark on their journey feeling more protected than ever, thanks to Nobul’s transparency, choice-driven marketplace and empowering resources. It’s no wonder the company has seen meteoric success over the past few years.