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How Much Moving Pods Should Cost In Melbourne

There are positive and negative aspects of moving to a new location. Having to pick up and start over somewhere new might make you feel a wide range of emotions. However, it might be intimidating to pack, move, and unpack your possessions. Here is where portable pods can save the day. The benefits of using moving pods in Melbourne, as well as how much they typically cost, will be discussed in this article.

Understanding Moving Pods

Let’s understand what mobile pods are before we discuss the price. Convenient and adaptable alternatives to typical moving vehicles are moving pods, often known as movable storage containers. You may take time loading your possessions into these robust containers because they are brought to your door. When you are ready to have your belongings delivered to your new home, the moving pod can be sent directly there or stored safely until you are.

The Benefits of Using Moving Pods

Various people and families are considering using moving pods because of the various advantages they provide. Some benefits include the following:

●  Flexibility:

You can take time loading and packing your items into a moving pod. When you need more time to sort and organize your belongings or have a hectic schedule, the freedom to do so is invaluable.

●  Convenience:

A movable pod delivered to your front door offers unsurpassed ease of use. You won’t have to bother with vehicle rentals, trips to storage facilities, or adherence to any regimented pickup or delivery schedule.

●  Security:

Your items will be safe and sound in a moving pod. They are constructed from durable materials to safeguard your belongings from the outdoors and any mishaps in transit.

●  Cost-effectiveness:

Particularly for long-distance relocations, mobile pods can be an economical option. Time and money are saved when you don’t have to make many trips or hire professional movers.

The Cost of Moving Pods

Let’s look into Melbourne’s pod moving prices right now. Please remember that the prices listed below are only examples and may not reflect the actual costs. To get an exact cost, it is best to look into and compare the offerings of various moving pod service providers.

●  6ft Moving Pod: Starting at $22.95 per week

A 6-foot moving pod may be all you need if your flat is on the smaller side or you have a few boxes to transport. When making a shorter-distance relocation, this compact solution might save you time and money.

●  8ft Moving Pod: Starting at $32.95 per week

An 8-foot moving pod gives you more room to transport a moderately sized item, such as extra furniture or boxes. People moving across town or within the same city like this size.

●  10ft Moving Pod: Starting at $42.95 per week

Two bedrooms and some basic furniture can fit comfortably in a 10-foot moving pod. Families and individuals who are relocating inside the same city or to the surrounding suburbs favour this size.

●  20ft Moving Pod: Starting at $59.95 per week

A 20-foot moving pod is the best option if you have a larger home or need to move the contents of a three- or four-bedroom house. Many home furnishings, appliances, and other possessions can fit in a space of this size.


Individuals and families in Melbourne who want to save time and money on their move can take advantage of moving pods. They are a viable alternative to conventional moving methods because of their adaptability, ease of use, safety, and low cost. There is a moving pod size that will work for you, no matter how much or how little you need to move.