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How much does landscaping a garden cost?


The prices shown in this article for landscape gardening are current as of 2022.

People in Dublin take their time outdoors seriously, whether they have sprawling acres of land or just a few hanging baskets. Ireland is recognised as a nation of gardeners.

Given this, it should come as no surprise that many individuals employ landscape gardeners to complete both straightforward and complex projects, including the construction of patios, decks, ponds, planters, and gardens that have been reshaped to improve their appearance and functionality.

You’ll want to have an estimate of the cost before beginning your own landscape gardening project.

We consulted some of the knowledgeable paving specialists at Premier Gardens to learn everything you should know.

Typically, occupations in landscape gardening

Given that every garden is unique, just like every individual, it might be challenging to provide a thorough description or correct evaluation of a generic landscaping project.

Before taking into account items like planting and garden furniture, a large-scale renovation in a large garden that entails planning, installing patio or decking, laying new turf, building walkways and borders, and so on, will cost several thousand pounds.

However, it is feasible to break down the various components of landscape gardening and get a ballpark cost estimate.

What is the price of a new patio?

A patio adds a durable, adaptable space where you can sit and socialise, which increases the usability of your yard in a quick and easy way.

A patio’s price is typically determined by its square footage, with the cost per square metre varying according to the material chosen.

A patio, comprising the digging out and levelling of the space, the installation of a membrane, the addition of hardcore and sand, the laying of the slabs, the application of mortar, and cleanup, is expected to cost about €81 per square metre. In Dublin, the cost can be more.

What is the price of decking?

Although decking serves the same purpose as a patio or paved area, employing wood gives the garden what many people consider to be a softer, more natural feel.

Similar to patios, decking will be priced per square metre, with some woods, like pine, costing less than €71 per square metre and more expensive hardwoods, like oak, which may cost up to €211 per square metre.

How much does it cost to lay turf?

You could want to extend your garden with a grass. When it comes to adding grass, you have two major alternatives with varying costs.

Real Grass

For many people, a garden wouldn’t be a garden without a typical lawn, whether it serves as a spot for the dog to play, a field for kids to kick a ball, or just a focal point for the rest of the garden.

Turf installation typically costs between €11 and €21 per square metre, making it less expensive than building a patio or installing decking.

Artificial turf

Because it resembles a genuine lawn yet needs less maintenance, artificial grass is growing in popularity.

Costs are higher, though, and more preparation must be done before it can be laid.

The cost of installing artificial grass is frequently higher than €61 per square metre.

Other expenses

A landscape gardener might take on a variety of other tasks.

For instance, installing a path may cost about €511 while excavating and constructing a pond could cost between €411 and €811.

Starting at about €211, elevated beds for planting might be made out of railroad sleepers.

In the event that a sizable amount of earth needs to be removed, the price of a skip may also need to be considered. Costs for this range from €151 to €311.