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How most Homebuyers are losing 10% of their wealth at the closing table | The untold truth

Did you know that the majority of homebuyers are unknowingly losing 10% off the purchase price of their homes right away? Absolutely true! We’ll demonstrate how to ensure this never happens to you.

For example, if you purchase a $450,000 home, it can cost you on average $45,000 more, and you would never know it, until now.

That’s money that could have been used to buy more house or have lower monthly payments – had you known what we are going to share with you today.

The sad point here is, in this age of information, and searching online for hours, it is not being discussed anywhere, or shared with friends, family, and online. Well, at least until now?


Have you ever wondered where the 10% loss of buying a home goes?

Most house-hunters are unaware of the quantitative discrepancy between an “acceptable” loan offer and the pinnacle option in terms of market value. It may appear confounding, but let us elucidate it for you.

On a daily basis, it’s difficult to locate loan offers that present an interest rate 1% lower than the standard without requiring additional money for buy down points.

This lowered 1%, however, yields up to 10% more purchasing power compared with other loans. Investing in this option could save you from spending extra on buy down points and create better financial opportunities overall!

Put simply, you can leverage an “ok” rate mortgage loan to purchase 10% more home for the same monthly payment. This is a remarkable chance to not only take advantage of wealth but also save up to 10% on the cost of your house!

Are you interested in pocketing 10% of the purchase price on your next home? We are here to show you how!


But what’s the cause of this phenomenon?

Among the thousands of mortgage loan programs and lenders in today’s marketplace, it is not just difficult, but merely impossible to pinpoint the lowest rate and fee option available.

Even the most experienced of real estate agents used to recommend a merely “adequate” lender, as it was previously nearly impossible to locate this loan.

When you compare searching for the perfect airline ticket to hunting down the ideal loan, it’s clear that choosing a loan offers a far greater reward.

Your home is likely the biggest investment you will make and your mortgage debt could be one of the greatest, so why not treat shopping for a mortgage with similar care as booking an airline ticket? Don’t you agree?

Learn how to avoid losing 10% of your purchasing power by using an Online Mortgage Pre-Approval Marketplace.


What does an online mortgage pre-approval marketplace do?

In just a matter of minutes, no credit check required, the online mortgage pre-approval marketplace can provide you with not only the best rate and fees from lenders across the country but also all in one spot!

This marketplace is truly revolutionary with its automated system of securing a mortgage loan at 1% lower interest rate than traditional lenders and banks. That seemingly small difference in percentage translates to big savings; it’s equivalent to roughly 10% of the total price of your home you are purchasing!

Imagine what you could do with an extra 10% of cash in your pocket. With the power of an online mortgage pre-approval marketplace, you can unlock your full purchasing power and secure your dream home for less.

Eliminate your hidden losses with an Online Mortgage Pre-Approval Marketplace

An online mortgage pre-approval marketplace not only helps you save money, but it also streamlines the entire process and saves you time.

Enjoy the ultimate convenience of obtaining your loan from home, without needing to worry about multiple credit pulls or frequenting dozens of telephone calls – all you need is one.

Does the online mortgage pre approval marketplace complete and provide funding for loans?

With the expansive network of lenders, you can get your loan request processed and closed within a mere 30 days- or fewer!

They always match you with the one lender and loan offer that returns the lowest interest rate, then using automation subtracts an entire 1% off the rate.

They do not sell or share your information.


The failure with traditional mortgage pre approval shopping or Real Estate Agent referrals?

Despite the fact that real estate agents often suggest their favored lenders, these lenders do not provide you with the absolute lowest rates and terms, and this is where you pay a heavy price.

Self-searching for a mortgage is akin to calling multiple airlines and giving them your travel dates and destination each time, only after being on hold.

It’s tedious work that requires you to contact many lenders and fill out several loan applications. The amount of time required is most likely beyond our reach.

Before you begin searching for loans online, it’s essential to understand that the attractive teaser rate offers are often deceptive and don’t provide much of a cost savings.

Use an automated Online Mortgage Pre Approval Marketplace Lending:

Homebuyers everywhere are taking advantage of the ultimate EquiFund’s online mortgage pre-approval marketplace to save money, streamline their process and make informed decisions.

With its user-friendly platform, this incredible resource offers a fast and convenient way for users to access the best mortgage options without ever having to step foot inside a bank.

Unlock your dream home with ease – trust in the power of an online pre-approval!

Unlock your full purchasing power and save thousands of dollars by using an online mortgage pre-approval marketplace. Get the home you’ve always wanted for a fraction of its total cost.

Seize the dynamism of an online mortgage pre-approval marketplace right now and observe how it can transform your house buying experience!