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How Ken Hurley Kellogg Has Encouraged Better Labor Relations

Ken Hurley Kellogg is a labor relations professional who has helped many companies negotiate deals with Unions representing their employees. His skilled ability to see both sides of the argument and create an agreement that everyone appreciates has helped many businesses thrive in unique ways. Understanding his business is critical for any company that works to provide fairer labor relations that make sense for employees and owners.

Helping Companies With Labor Relations Support

Labor relations is often a complex topic that can be very challenging for many companies to get right. It’s far too easy to make negotiation mistakes, including not taking each side seriously or expecting demands that never come. As a result, skilled professionals are essential for the business world because they can help in negotiations that make sense for everyone’s needs.

For example, Ken Hurley Kellogg was the leader who helped negotiate the first-ever national contract between the American National Red Cross and the multitude of Unions representing its employees. In addition, he helped to unite a coalition of unions representing these employees to produce a more consistent and high-quality labor management relationship. This process helped to improve labor relations with the Red Cross in various essential ways and made life better for all involved.

During his two years with the Red Cross, he earned multiple awards and was one of the most respected and admired professionals working within the Red Cross. This significant impact makes him proud to be a labor relations leader in his field.

Ever since his success with American Red Cross, he has continued expanding his presence and moved from one success to another.  This success has given him a fantastic reputation in labor negotiations and made him a model for other negotiators. His ability to identify the needs of businesses and work towards understanding their employees has granted him the international and national reputation that keeps him in high demand among successful companies.

Just as importantly, Ken Hurley Kellogg has learned how to develop employees into HR and labor relations leaders. His skills include identifying promising employees and training them to handle challenges in human resources and labor relations. By adequately preparing these professionals, he creates a unique and beneficial cycle that enhances his customers’ success and makes labor relations better throughout the market.

Professionals like Ken can take a fraught and challenging labor relations situation and find a strong balance between HR, employee demands, and ownership needs. It’s not an easy process, but it is immensely rewarding when appropriately handled. Hurley believes that it is his significant role in life, and he is more than capable of handling the demands of his many customers and clients.