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How Is Titling Beneficial for Bathrooms?

The most fun part about bathroom decor or renovation is choosing the right type and design of bathroom tiles. Tiles are a much preferred option as compared to other materials for walls and floors. Ozperthrenovation provides reliable tilling assistance to all the home users and renovators, because tiles provide the benefits that other types of flooring do not provide. They can be used on countertops, walls, bathroom shelves, and many other places.

Tiling Benefits for Bathrooms

Tiles are an intelligent and wise option to choose for a variety of reasons. Discussed in this article are the key reasons why tiles are a top choice for many house owners and how beneficial they prove to be after installation.

Resistance to Moisture

Due to the frequent use of water in the bathroom, moisture tends to be very common. Moisture marks and stains are also often quite stubborn on the floors and walls. In order to get rid of them, harsh cleaners and shampoos are used, which contain the tendency to damage the surfaces. To counter this issue, ceramic tiles are the safest option. They have a sealed smooth surface that bears any kind of temperature easily without getting damaged. Stone tiles are also an option for wet and moist environments, but they require a layer of sealing to prevent damage from cleaning shampoos.

Resistant to Wet Environments

The after-effects of water are the main problem when choosing the right kind of material for your bathroom. For example, mold and mildew, which can easily spread in the bathroom and cause irreparable damage. Laminates are also used by some homeowners, but it has the issue of glue dislodging where mold can grow from underneath. Installing tiles from reliable tilers Perth can effectively counter this problem. You can easily scrub and clean them with soap and wash them, which keeps them as shiny and clean as ever. Tiles are much more hygienic and also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Benefits of Radiant Heating

Compared to other materials like laminations or wood, tiles conduct heat more effectively. Paired with the technology of radiant heating, tiles are the ideal option for hot as well as cold weather. Stone tiles have the quality of being cool in summer and warm in winter, which is another plus point. Moreover, other materials tend to suffer a lot of damage from heat. For example, the cracking and expansion due to heat absorbed by the surface. Both stone tiles and ceramic tiles do not possess this irritable property. After all, it’s always nice to step out of your bathtub and feel the warmth of radiant heating underneath your feet in the winter season.

Highly Durable Option

It’s important to use materials that are highly durable and of good quality in the long run. Tiles have a very durable surface and are very resistant to damage. The expected life of a ceramic tile is about 70 to 75 years. And a stone tile is about 100 years old. In case the surface gets old, you will most probably only need to renew the grout before anything else. Compared to this, laminates only last for about 5 to 10 years at most. It only makes sense to invest once and avail a more long-lasting durable option rather than spending money over and over on re-doing the same process.


In addition to all these benefits, tiles also offer unlimited geometric and straight-edged designs as well as custom-made designs. Furthermore, they are also highly affordable with cost-effective prices that make them extremely budget-friendly. However, it is important to note that even if ceramic and stone tiles cost a few bucks more than laminates or wood, they are also undeniably long-lasting and in far better shape even a few years later when other materials wear off.