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How Is RFID Changing The Retail Industry For Good?

RFID technology is not a new thing. We have been using the RFID technology for quite a long. Although the technology was there, the rapid increase and the popularity of RFID have seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Especially after the Covid pandemic, people are more inclined toward touchless systems.

In this post, we will discuss how RFID technology is transforming a customer’s experience in retail chains. We will understand the basics and then focus on its use in the retail industry. Several companies are already providing a necessary RFID software platform for better operations.

Working Principle Of RFID Tech

Radio wave frequency identification is shortly known as RFID. According to experts, an RFID system consists of four major components. These are RFID tags, RFID scanner/reader, RFID antennas and RFID inventory software.

Some companies provide every solution related to RFID technology. Several RFID software companies are also there that provide only the inventory software. Let’s look into four major components of an RFID system.

  1. RFID tags are tokens that can store data. We can locate any RFID tag through a reader or scanner. Mostly two kinds of RFID tags are available in the market. Active and passive ones. Active tags are costly but can give you better service and range. Although passive tags will cost you less, they offer a short radius of operation.
  2. RFID readers help us collect the data stored in a tag. Often we can write and rewrite data on our RFID tags. You can get all the data stored in the token with just one tap. For example, if your tag consists of an item’s price, size and colour, we can easily fetch that data using an RFID scanner.
  3. RFID antennas are fixed. It creates an area of the network where you can use your RFID equipment and software.
  4. One of the most important things in the RFID network is RFID management software. Once you install this software on your system, you can easily manage all items remotely from your computer.

Use of RFID In the Retail Industry

1. Day To Day Operations

As we have mentioned earlier, RFID technology has made our life easy. Daily inventory checking is not a headache anymore. If you have marked all your products with RFID tags, you can remotely do all the inventory checking.

2. Inventory Management System

Other than inventory checking, we can do several other works as well. Any product can be traced using RFID inventory management software when attached to an RFID tag. You can fetch all the data attached to it in real-time. RFID technology is reliable and fast. That’s why the popularity of RFID is increasing with each passing day.

3. Overall Experience

Today’s customers want fast service. They don’t like to stand in the queue. RFID has solved the issue. Now, if you have done your shopping, you must go to the counter. The system will automatically generate your bill with just a tap of the sales executive. This saves a lot of time and effort.

In this way, RFID technology is changing the retail industry for good. We have tried to make you understand all the factors in brief. To know more, consult with an experienced person in RFID.

SMO- Do you know about RFID technology? Modern RFID technology is changing the retail industry completely for good. Please read the following write-up to know how RFID works and how it can help in our life.