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How Finanteq is redefining the mobile financial landscape : innovation and experience

At Finanteq, our vision for the future of banking technology led us to pioneer the world’s first-ever mobile banking app, even before the era of iPhones and Androids. Recognizing the vast potential early on, we strategically positioned ourselves in this emerging field. Ever since, we have remained at the forefront, continually advancing as experts in mobile banking app development.

So, if you are a decision-maker searching for a company to revamp or create a banking app from scratch, get to know Finanteq and our working style.

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Mobile app development – our core

From the start, our focus has been on:

  • Perfecting our approach to mobile banking app development.
  • Achieving optimal operational efficiency.
  • Maintaining technical excellence.

Thanks to it, partnering with us means you get a secure, high-quality application that enhances customer experience through intuitiveness, thoughtful features or additional value-added services. Finanteq’s commitment to innovation ensures your app remains ahead of your competition. Continual updates and adherence to banking regulations will enable you to focus on providing constant additional value to your customers.

Our specialized, high-performing teams, which include developers, scrum masters, business analysts, UX designers, project managers, and testers, are experts at revamping existing apps or creating new ones from scratch. Having top-tier professionals allows us to go beyond customer expectations and create a new quality of banking.

But that is not all! As our company grew, we decided to broaden our offerings beyond mobile banking app development. We began to include additional products and banking components in our portfolio to provide our customers with a more comprehensive suite of services. Over time, this expansion has allowed us to better meet banks’ needs and preferences.

Empowering banks with tailor-made solutions

SuperWallet: direct shopping via m-commerce platform

SuperWallet is a platform that, when integrated into mobile banking, enables direct purchases within the app. Our component adds services and products of various merchants. Combining banking functions with additional services provides significant value to the user. Customers can access new services and merchants, and the bank gains additional revenue. It’s a top solution for any banking app. Book a demo to see how it works.

SmartWatch banking: access to your bank anytime

Finanteq’s SmartWatch banking is a service that allows customers to manage their finances using their smartwatches – directly from their wrists. This solution provides essential banking functions like cardless cash withdrawals, card management, and account monitoring, ensuring continuous access to financial services. With smartwatches on the rise, it’s a must-have nowadays. Contact us to discuss the details.

OCR technology: streamlining data entry

Finanteq’s OCR technology was created to automate data entry from documents and invoices via the banking app. This tool enhances customer experience by speeding up data processing, eliminating manual errors, and saving time. Easy and useful. Talk to us to learn more.

Google Pay & Apple Pay SDKs: simplifying payment integration

Finanteq facilitates seamless integration of Google Pay and Apple Pay into banking apps through its SDKs. These tools enable banks to offer secure and efficient payment solutions, enhancing the user experience and modernizing payment processes with minimal effort. Schedule a call to learn how it works.

Products created for banking, available in Finanteq’s offer

No-code platform: quick and easy app development

Available at Finanteq, the no-code platform Extentum allows rapid deployment of banking services without developers’ intervention. It’s designed to comply with banking standards and enables easy integration of new features into existing applications, facilitating swift updates and ensuring seamless functionality across different platforms. All this without the need to release a new version of the app.

Video banking: enhancing customer interaction and sales

A video banking solution, Pocket Branch, transforms the banking experience by merging the personal touch of traditional branches with the convenience of digital access. This product enables remote customer interactions, streamlining sales processes and enhancing customer service efficiency. It offers a cost-effective alternative to physical branches, fostering stronger customer relationships while reducing operational costs.

In a nutshell, what does it mean for banks?

With our specialized teams, banks will receive high-quality and secure applications where their customers’ data remains protected. The applications we create are characterized by intuitiveness, high responsiveness, and efficiency, which translates into an excellent customer experience.

Also, our commitment to innovation means that your app will consistently offer cutting-edge functionalities, setting you apart in the market. We provide regular updates to our solutions to keep your digital banking at the forefront of the market. Our clients’ feedback left on Clutch.co confirms that we are a partner that banks can count on.

Book a free consultation and discover how we can collaborate to achieve outstanding results.