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How Far Can You Go on An E-Bike Battery?

Purchasing an electric bike is a huge investment. Prospective buyers will want to get their money’s worth and some maybe even curious about how far one can go on an E-Bike Battery. The Himiway Bike Battery is well built and specially designed to exceed expectations, going for long distances and retaining its efficiency.

The average electronic bike lasts for up to ten years depending on the frequency of use. However, the shelf life of each of its components (including the battery) may vary. To correctly ascertain the distance a Himiway ebike can go, one must take into cognizance several factors.

Some of the factors include the weight of the rider, the type of surface on which the bike is being ridden, the current state of the e-bike tires, and the prevalent weather condition of the immediate environment of the rider. Putting all these into perspective, the Himiway Bikes batteries must be able to brave these odds to go for a long period.

This article hopes to examine how far you can go on a Himiway bike battery, by looking closelyat the factors that surround speed and distance with a brief overview of how long batteries last, how long tires last, and how far tires can go.

Factors that help determine how far you can go on a Himiway Bike Battery?

The distance in which an electric bike can go varies slightly. These variations owe largely to several factors. These factors are both intrinsic and external and they come together to contribute to the speed and overall integrity of the bike.

Intrinsic Factors

Generally, intrinsic factors are within your control and you are free to upgrade or downgrade to a more suitable choice. Some of the intrinsic factors include:

· Type of tires used

Tires for electric bicycles are of different types. Himiway long range ebikes are built with fat tires. This type of tire is sturdy and rugged, strong enough to move through even the most difficult types of terrains. How long the tires last depend on the frequency of use and the types of surfaces it is predominantly used for.

· Battery Strength

The strength of the battery powering the fat tire electric bike is a major factor when considering how long the bike will last or how far it can go. This follows a basic principle, the stronger the battery, the farther the bike can go. The battery powers up the motor propelling the bike in a continuous forward motion. The Himiway Electric bike comes with a 48V 20Ah Samsung Battery. This powers the ebikes, enabling them to last for up to 30-80 miles.

External Factors

· Riding Surface

The surface on which the bike is being ridden goes a long way in determining how fast the bike can go and the distance it can cover within a stipulated period. Riding on a well-tarred surface will feel different from riding on a sandy or rocky surface. Also riding up a hill is not the same as riding down a hill.In these different scenarios, the effort required to navigate these paths differs and each terrain provide a unique type of challenge to the rider. Smooth and well-tarred terrains enable swift movement while rocky, hilly, or bumpy terrain slows down the rider.

· Prevalent Weather Condition

Another factor that affects the distance that can be covered by an Himiway Bike Battery is the weather condition in the region where it is being ridden. Humidity, wind resistance, and climate conditions all contribute to the challenges faced by the rider.

An adverse weather condition such as excessive rain, snow, or heat all take their toll on the rider reducing strength and slowly wearing out the rider. All these reduce how fast the bike will go. On the other hand, perfect weather condition guarantees a faster seamless ride.

· Weight of rider

The weight of the rider is another condition worthy of examination. The overall weight the electric bike has to bear will either reduce or have no adverse effect on how fast the bike travels. For example, the Himiway bike is capable of carrying a load that weighs up to 330lbs to 400lbs (depending on which product you buy)

Surely a weight beyond the capacity of the Himiway bike will no doubt slow it down, also the lighter the weight the bike has to bear, the faster it is likely to move.

Range for Himiway Electric Bikes

What differentiates Himiway electric bikes from other E-bike products is its 48v 20Ah batteries. This battery was expertly designed to power the bike and allow for stress-free riding. It has a capacity that is 43% larger than what you will find in other ebike products.

The Himiway bike battery is capable of lasting for up to 60-80 miles. Himiway products such as the Himiway Zebra, Himiway Big Dog, Himiway Cobra, and the Himiway Cobra Pro are built with fat tires that help the rider move swiftly through rocky terrain and go for up to 80 miles. This group of electric bikes is more suited to off-road adventures and they are ideal electric mountain bikes.

Himiway products such as the Himiway Cruiser, Himiway Cruiser Step Thru, and the Himiway Escape Pro go for shorter distances. This group of Electric bikes can go for a range of 30-60 miles

Battery Capacity for Himiway Bikes

Knowing how long your ebike battery will last helps you plan for when you may need a replacement. Regardless of the number of times you use the ebike in a day, the majority of electric bike batteries last for up to 1000 charge cycles.

This implies that your battery health retains its efficiency until after the 1000th charge. This may differ for different riders as not all use their bikes daily, but on average, this can be placed within 5-10 years.

Tips For Extending the Range of Your E-bike

The range of your electric bikes can be extended provided certain measures are put in place, some of these measures include:

1. Getting spare batteries

Provided you are embarking on a long journey, you may want to get a few fully charged spare batteries. Having an extra battery in your backpack ensures that you can keep going even if you don’t get access to the power supply.

2. Choose the right route

There is usually more than one route to get to a particular location. Identifying the best favorable route with fewer hilly paths can help you save time and kilometers.

3. Ride at low temperatures

Electric Bikes batteries are best preserved within 10 to 20 degrees Celsius and a lower or higher temperature could adversely the range of your battery.

4. Reduce stoppages

Another way to effectively increase the range of your electric bike is by reducing the number of times you make stoppages when going on a ride. This is because, after a stop, more power is required to get the bike going again.

5. Use proper maintenance techniques

To extend the range of your electric bike, you will need to perform a basic cleaning exercise for your device regularly. Proper cleaning and dusting of clogged portions ensures that your electric bike stays in top shape


Generally, electric bikes are built to last but like every other piece of machinery, they do not last forever. Himiway bikes are reliable and specially built with batteries that are capable of lasting for long distances. For best results keep your bike in top condition and ensure that it is well charged.

Also, avoid weather conditions that can make your bike rust faster such as rain and snow. Avoid storing your battery at full capacity as it shortens its overall lifespan. A preferable range would be within 40-60% capacity. You can also preserve your bike by wiping off dirt, dust, and other irritants regularly.

Himiway electric bikes provide a unique range of bikes, all capable of going for distances greater than what you will get from other products. Get one today and enjoy top-quality riding!!