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How do I get free tools to test and automate software?

We will answer the question of “how to obtain free tools to test software” in this article, and discuss why they are now popular. Please be sure to read all our suggestions until the end.


Software testing tools can be used to automate security checks, monitor regression, and verify that all code changes have been appropriately applied. And their automation allows you to check the functionality of a website or mobile application at any time, without waiting for it to be ready for release. This allows you to receive feedback immediately after the implementation of new features to ensure that they work properly before releasing them to production. It has been around for decades, but only recently has it become popular and widely used, making the query “How to get free tools for testing” impossible.

Automated testing tools are not new to software development; They have existed since the 1960s and 1970s. The difference now is that they are more popular than ever, thanks in part to their efficiency and effectiveness. But best of all, most of them are free and available online. So, how do I get free tools to test software? Here, we recommend a reliable tool:


WeTest, which can be tried out for free and paid for at an extremely high price, is one of the most famous names that have emerged recently. This is a cloud based mobile application testing service that can be used in conjunction with popular frameworks in the current industry and hardware in the popular world of iOS and Android (over 1000 devices). In addition, 10x parallel test execution, the entire test results in one view, and integration with one of the most trusted names in the world of CI/CD tools.

In addition to WeTest’s applications, games, and solutions, the company also provides professional financial tools for large and medium-sized organizations. Their testing solutions have earned a reputation for overcoming quality and compliance challenges. WeTest’s big data covers the truly top models in the market and promotes cutting-edge and updated technology to perform different requirements testing, including automated testing, compatibility testing, functional testing, remote devices, performance testing, and safety testing.

WeTest also provides real-time testing services, including testing game and application code on real-world and trendy hardware in the market. These devices include well-known brands such as Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi, and Huawei. The tests are conducted on different screen sizes and on different customized versions of the operating system to ensure maximum stability and operability. The client can also debug and inspect UI elements present in the software in real time.

All files in different formats, including APK, AAB, IPA, and other extensions, have also been analyzed in detail in the IDC data center, with an accuracy rate of almost 100%. Your application’s data is stored on the most secure server, and WeTest can view the logs of all inspection stages of the application and game.

Customers can also choose Perfdog, the most advanced mobile application performance and reliability checking tool developed by WeTest. This tool has many performance checking functions, such as screenshots, FPS, Jank, FTime, CPU, GPU, memory, battery, network, CTime, and so on. The impact of the tool itself is less than 1%, which ensures the accuracy of performance data. Customers can also gain collaboration capabilities that enable entire teams to easily test their software while working on individual projects. Perfdog supports mobile applications, games, mini programs, mini games, H5, and online websites.

You can start using this product from a free trial, and considering its outstanding features, the fee is acceptable. You don’t have to bother searching the Internet for free tools that may contain risks. WeTest brings you an efficient and safe testing experience.


This is our flexible post on “How to Get Free Tools for Testing”. In this post, we share our most recommended software to test all your software code in a professional manner. Testing applications and code requires intelligence and the latest testing platform, in which WeTest shines brilliantly