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How Canadian Brands Can Build Their Audience

Credit: Ketut Subiyanto via Pexels

You’ve built the foundation for your business and now it’s time to focus on the people who are responsible for your company’s long-term success — your audience. Building lasting relationships with your audience and turning potential leads into loyal customers is an essential part of scaling your business and ensuring it reaches its full potential.

Across Canada, brands are looking for new and innovative ways to build on their initial success and increase their audience engagement. Once you understand the keys to success, you’re well on your way to becoming a brand with staying power.

Tailor Your Marketing to Your Audience

If your brand sells a variety of products or services, chances are the same people buying one aren’t buying all the others. When you segment your audience and tailor your emails and promotions, you’re offering specific values to each group of consumers.

If you have a group of consumers who purchase items from category A but they’re also receiving promotions for category C that doesn’t apply to them, they might feel like they’re being spammed with content. Tailoring your promotions and marketing to each group allows you to streamline your efforts.

Engage in Authentic Marketing

Marketing is such a broad term and can incorporate any number of sub-categories, from traditional to online marketing. What you may not have heard of is influencer marketing — essentially hiring social media content creators to create engaging posts and videos promoting a brand’s products or services.

Nano influencers are at the forefront of this marketing tool. These creators have up to 10 thousand followers and are known for creating content that’s authentic and not simply meant to sell.

Audiences are gravitating toward these creators because they take the time to connect with their audiences and promote products they use and believe in.

With the help of a Canadian influencer agency like Peersway, brands across various industries can take advantage of audience engagement and monetary opportunities that come with fun and relatable online content.

Credit: Yan Krukov via Pexels

Work with Other Brands

Consumers are diverse shoppers — and this can actually help brands work together. When it comes to collaborating, finding brands that are outside your niche but still relate to your consumers is an often-untapped gem with significant audience growth potential.

If you’re able to find companies that complement your brand, consider co-hosting an event or creating a brand partnership with a new product or service. Not only are you encouraging cross-platform collaboration, but you’re also expanding your audience pool and opening up more doors for increased revenue.

Bottom Line

Canada’s consumer economy is always changing, always evolving. Consumers are savvier than ever and are often more impressed by innovative marketing than they are by traditional avenues.

As a Canadian brand, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of consumer habits and forthcoming trends so that you can tailor your efforts to match current demands.

Thinking outside the box is what’s necessary to build a loyal audience. Time to get started!