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How Can You Create A Resume for a web developer to attract Recruiters?

The 150k+ job you know you deserve could be held back because of your resume, not your skills. Dedicated to all web developers, this guide shows how to craft a resume that will land you on more shortlists than you can imagine. If a piece of paper stands in the way of your dream career, it’s time to show who’s boss. So, read how to write a web developer resume to attract recruiters! Here goes:

  1. Resume Format

Identifying the Essential Elements of a Web Developer Résume If you’re a web developer, your résumé is likely to include these sections:

  • A phone number and email address
  • The following is a brief synopsis of my
  • Key Competencies (Technical and Administrative)
  • Experiential Learning
  • Education
  • Add-ons include social media profiles.
  • Interests, pastimes, and successes outside of the classroom (Optional).
  • You don’t understand how you’re going to organize all of this. What’s the proper sequence of events? Is it essential to go through all of this?

Having a working knowledge of resume design and forms is critical here. One of three types of résumés exists: chronologically reversed, functional, or hybrid.

  1. Introductory Paragraph

Another resume staple known as the resume summary,  opening statement,  objective statement, professional summary, and many more are located just below the contact information portion of your web development resume in the intro paragraph. But, again, a few phrases are all you have for an introduction and a summary of your qualifications for the position.

  1. History of work

For web developers, listing previous employment is a simple process. First, reverse-chronologically list previous positions, starting with your present one (or your last one, if you’ve had a gap in employment). Then, include a bullet-point list of each person’s responsibilities and accomplishments.

  1. History of academics

These are the most critical three lines. If you can impress the recruiting staff or manager with something extra, do so. Courses in software engineering can help you demonstrate that you have a thorough understanding of various frameworks, project management techniques, etc.

  1. Competencies for Web Developers

A web developer’s resume next area is a list of the talents you wish to emphasize to the employer. How can You put programming languages in your resume? A web developer is likely to have a wide range of expertise in various programming languages, frameworks and libraries.

  1. Certifications

Companies use coding challenges and technical interviews to see if you thoroughly understand web development. A third option is to obtain certifications.

Adding relevant certifications to your CV is a great way to show employers that you’ve done your research and put in the effort. Here are a few instances:

  • Professional Certificate for Front-End Web Developers from W3C
  • IWA has certified you as a Web Professional – Web Developer.
  • The IEEE Computer Society certified them as CSDP (Certified Software Development Professional).

Any Coursera specializations or technical coding boot camps you’ve done have the same effect!

Some more sections of a resume

Here are a few extra areas you might want to consider putting in your web development resume:

Membership in a particular organization

The International Web Association, for example, is a great organization to be a member of! It demonstrates your dedication to your chosen field, your desire to keep learning, and the knowledge that the other candidates lack. Just by dropping the name of a person’s name!

Accolades & Achievements

There’s no better place to highlight your accomplishments in web development than on your CV.

Giving back to the community

If you lack paid employment experience or your volunteer work involves web building, you may consider including it on your resume. However, leave it off in the majority of other cases.

Human Languages

Showing off your language skills and competency levels could be the difference between being hired for a remote role at a firm with an international staff or not being hired at all.

Interests & Hobbies

The hobbies and interests area of a web developer’s resume may seem pointless. Still, it can help you establish a personal connection with the people reviewing your CV.

As an entry-level web developer fresh out of college, you may have room on your CV to include a section on your projects. Additionally, if you are applying for junior web development positions, you generally lack a substantial portfolio. Add a brief list of your previous web development projects to your resume if that’s the case.

As a web developer, it’s best to include a link to your portfolio or website in your contact information if you’re more experienced or want to show off more than just a short title.