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How Can You Build and Monitor Your Social Accounts Easily?


If you’ve ever wondered how to manage numerous social media accounts for customers or your business while minimizing work-related stress, you’ve come to the correct spot. In this post, we’ll demonstrate how to manage, monitor, and collaborate across all of the (many) social media accounts you use regularly.

Managing Numerous Social Media Accounts

These four methods will teach you how to assist with managing each of your accounts.

Create Content

Without a proper social media strategy, it’s nearly impossible to grow your reach on social media and enjoy its immense benefits. And the first rule of building a sound social media strategy is to create engaging and original content that will draw more and more followers to your accounts.

Each social media account is unique and has unique characteristics. Therefore, planning and writing content consistent with the brand takes a lot of work and extensive study. However, there are specific rules of thumb regardless of your niche or sector.

You should focus on two main issues about the content you’ll post on social media. Original content creation (that should be around 80% of all) and content curation (that should be about 20% of all). In both aspects, Circleboom Publish offers excellent features for users.

With Circleboom Publish, you can use ready-to-use post templates for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile. Plus, it gathers the freshest articles to keep your audience updated with the latest topics.

Use Software

We’ve already touched on some of the risks and time-consuming nature of managing many social network accounts using separate apps. But putting everything into a single social dashboard saves time. By using a social media management tool, you may access all of your social media accounts from a laptop or desktop computer rather than a phone. And this undoubtedly will make it simpler to type on a keyboard and a larger screen than squinting at a tiny screen with your thumbs. At this very point, Circleboom Publish comes in as a pretty handy tool with its remarkable features. 

It has a user-friendly dashboard that makes managing multiple social media accounts super easy. Plus, it supports Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile. Supporting various platforms allow users to cross-post their content across different sites. 

Collaboration and Approval

You must be an expert at multitasking if you want to manage many accounts. Things become considerably more complicated when multiple teams are involved. Finding the final version of an asset, tracking recent copy changes, getting feedback, and double-checking that a post has been authorized are all simple chores that will take up valuable time in your day. The approval process might take days or even weeks, so if you’re like most social media managers, you probably detest asking for (and waiting for) input.

Unify Your Analytics

Every social media network comes with its own set of built-in analytics tools. However, an analytics package is your best bet if you want to manage several social media accounts for business objectives and to report. You need a consolidated report to comprehend several social media profiles fully. Circleboom makes use of templates to provide you with easy-to-read & engage Twitter analytics reports. Additionally, you can create reports with the precise metrics most important to your firm by using tools for custom reporting. Here are what Circleboom’s Twitter Analytics offers for you. It allows you to:

          Keep track of your friends’ growth over time

          Analyze other users’ followers and friends.

          Find out your personal best time to post on Twitter by analyzing your followers’ activities

Additionally, as we already indicated, you can configure Circleboom to give you a report automatically each month, removing one task from your to-do list. Lastly, it’s important to remark that you can learn about your Twitter analytics on the go with Circleboom’s Twitter App available on iOS devices. 


Keeping a consistent voice throughout your social media channels while managing several accounts is a time-consuming monster. With the aid of the four strategies we provided, we hope you can cross off everyday things from your list a little bit more quickly!