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How Can I Remove Dirt and Stains from The Carpet?

It’s inevitable to have coffee stains, wine spills, muddy paw prints of your pets, and other dirt on your carpets. You can take certain steps to avoid such stains and dirt from occurring in the first place, such as requesting guests to take off their footwear before entering the house or buying a stain-resistant carpet. Your best option is to know how to deal with them in advance so you can act quickly if they do. We’ll go over the different ways to get rid of ground-in dirt and stains in this section, from do-it-yourself fixes to hiring a professional for carpet repair Perth services.

How to Remove Ground-in Dirt from Carpet

If your carpet is dirty with mud, there are several ways to clean it. They include using a cleaning agent, making homemade solvent, hiring carpet repair professionals, etc. Let us look at each of these methods in detail.

Method 1: Carpet cleaning product

Products for professional carpet cleaning are easily found in stores. You just need to purchase one solution to remove stubborn stains from the carpet. However, it would be best to refrain from utilizing many products simultaneously because combining dissimilar compounds might not produce the desired outcome.

Steps to follow:

1. Spray the carpet with the cleaning solution, paying special attention to the dirtiest areas. Make sure you cover every area to appear uniform.

2. Give the product enough time to work on the dust. This will ease the cleaning process for you. The time period is specified on the packing material.

3. Agitate filth with a scrub brush or cloth. More time and effort may be needed to clean up dirtier areas.

4. To remove the chemical solution, sprinkle the area with clean water from the spray bottle. You must rinse chemicals since they have the potential to weaken carpet fibers.

5. To dry the area, use a fresh cloth or paper towel.

Method 2: Liquid Soap and Warm Water Combination

The cost of carpet restretching supplies can occasionally seem a lot. A less expensive option is to do it yourself. To remove the embedded filth, you can create a DIY carpet cleaning solution home with liquid soap and easily accessible water.

Steps to follow:

1. Making your own soapy water solution is the first step. In a spray bottle, first, combine warm water and liquid soap.

2. Shake the mixture after sealing the bottle. It would be beneficial if you kept going till the solution started to sud.

3. They spritz the carpet with this solution, paying close attention to the worst areas. Before moving on to the following stage, give it some time.

4. Scrub the carpet to remove the filth with a scrub brush or cloth. Also, pay close attention to the dirty areas.

5. To get rid of the soapy water solution, rinse it with warm water. Using a spray bottle would be a more effective way to rinse, giving you more control.

6. Another method I like to employ involves soaking a fresh towel in warm water and wringing out the excess. The cloth shouldn’t be completely saturated, just damp. Utilize it to get rid of the extra DIY solution.

7. In order to remove extra water from the carpet, use a cloth or paper towel.

Method 3: Vinegar-Based Carpet Cleaner

Another budget-friendly technique to clean the carpet is to use a vinegar-based carpet cleaner. It functions well even for those who dislike using the more toxic products found in stores.

Steps to follow:

1. First, fill the spray bottle with warm water, vinegar, and baking soda. These ingredients should each be 1/4 of a cup. Shake it vigorously, so the cleaning solution is formed by blending all the elements.

2. On the carpet, spray the solution. However, apply more of it to areas that appear soiled and let it sit for about five minutes.

3. Use a scrub brush or sponge to remove the dirt from the carpet.

4. To eliminate the filth and cleaning solution, follow it with a warm water rinse.

5. To get rid of extra water, dry the area with a fresh towel.

Method 4: Hiring Professional Carpet Repair

Hiring a reputable carpet repair service would be the best solution for removing embedded dirt and challenging stains. But ensure you choose a carpet repair service that uses the appropriate equipment and has competitive and experienced professionals. You should hire someone who has expertise in carpet restretching, cleaning, vacuuming, etc., and has dealt with treating stains and dirt on different kinds of couches.


Carpet and other upholstery in your house is an expensive investment. To maintain and prolong its lifespan, you must treat stains immediately using the methods described above. Suppose you can’t use DIY methods due to lack of time or unavailability of suitable products. In that case, you must hire carpet repair professionals who can fix all kinds of issues with the carpets and restore them to their original position.