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How Can Fulfillment Company Help Your Seasonal Business

For example, you decided to sell Christmas decorations! That’s a great idea, mainly if you can sell goods online in your country and abroad! You need to find a warehouse, hire someone to process orders, and many other nuances. The sales season of this production is short – 2–3 months. It should be noted that before Christmas, sales of online retailers show growth of 50-200%, depending on the product category. But not everyone can cope with such a flow of orders. If human resources are exhausted, it’s time to turn to a fulfillment company.

What Is Seasonal Business?

Seasonal business differs from the usual one in that it brings profit only at a specific time of the year, and many of its types are in demand regardless of location. An excellent option for a seasonal business in the USA and Europe is the sale of umbrellas or raincoats in the off-season.

Also, a seasonal business can be considered any significant holiday celebrated en masse, and it can be the Chinese New Year or the sale of fancy sweaters for Christmas. Such a business can be renewed every season or constantly kept afloat by changing its theme.

How Can 3PL Fulfillment Help?

Fulfillment for e-commerce helps to cope with seasonal jumps in sales. Many sellers are expecting a pre-holiday peak sale. Still, the increase in demand can turn against entrepreneurs if they have not foreseen and strengthened logistics for this period and increased the staff for a holiday. Choosing an experienced fulfillment operator like Meest solves the entire list of warehouse and transport logistics issues! And at the same time, you use the services as much as you need without extra costs!

What Services Can Be Transferred to a Fulfillment Company?

Meest Fulfillment provides a wide range of services in one place:

  • Warehouse services (responsible storage of goods in the warehouse, all types of storage: shelf, pallet, floor, online access to balance reports).
  • Order processing (marking of products, packaging following requirements, repackaging, forming sets, inserting leaflets and warranty coupons, weighing shipments, and evaluation).
  • Delivery of the order.
  • Working with clients (refund processing, call center).

During hot periods, ecommerce fulfillment services will help you cope with the influx of orders and give your full attention to customers. Business owners can devote more time to business development using this service rather than worrying about delivery.