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How a Witness to a Car Accident Can Impact Your Case

Car accident claims may be complicated. The cases the victim, the insurance provider, and the policyholders put forth ultimately determine who is legally responsible. A statement from a witness might be the deciding factor in a case involving accident victims. Unbiased witnesses might be crucial. They can help the insurance adjuster fill in the blanks as to what led to the accident. Dealing with the aftermath of a vehicle accident in the US on your own may be stressful. Experienced lawyers in the US specializing in vehicle accidents can help you compile statements from witnesses and present a convincing case. You may make a list of your injuries in the meantime and begin the process of getting well as soon as possible.

A Witness Statement: What Is It?

A witness statement is a detailed account of the vehicle crash written by an eyewitness. The witness must know everything about the case from personal experience. If the statement is based on what someone else remembers, you can’t use it in court. It is important for the attorneys to include the following in a witness statement to strengthen its credibility and effectiveness:

  • The key question is, where was the witness when the accident occurred?
  • Which way did the witness seem to be heading?
  • Where did they come from?
  • How well could the witness see what was going on?

The Importance of Witnesses

One of the first things an insurance provider wants to know when an automobile accident claim is made to a business is, “Were there any eyewitnesses besides the drivers?” The company understands that the drivers involved would likely provide conflicting accounts of what transpired during the collision. The two drivers’ stories don’t always match or even seem at odds with one another. The insurance provider will usually choose the story with the most supporting evidence from independent witnesses.

How Do You Get a Witness Statement?

Possibly someone observed the accident and can provide information on what led to it. Sometimes, hearing from an eyewitness might decide who is at fault in an accident. Their testimony might make or break your liability case. Soon after the accident, accident lawyers approach any close witnesses and inquire as to whether or not they saw what happened. It is up to you to ask witnesses whether they are willing to provide a statement, and they are not obligated to remain at the site. Get their name, number, and address if possible.

It is not required that the witness statement is in writing. It is also possible for them to submit a statement as an audio or video recording. Inquire as to whether or not the other driver seemed to be drunk or speeding. Inquire further as to whether or not the other driver violated any road rules before the accident. Inquire the eyewitness as to whether or not the other driver was using a mobile phone at the time of the accident.

Legal Help Is Just a Phone Call Away

Gathering and documenting witness testimony may be time-consuming and draining if you’re an injured victim. To that end, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a qualified attorney. Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers and Attorneys are staffed by highly qualified attorneys with many collective years of practice under their belts. If you need assistance building a solid case, we can assist you in obtaining the necessary witness testimonies and evidence. On your behalf, we will work hard to get you the money you need to go on with your life after this tragedy.